TUSD Weekly Update| 4.23.18
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Board of Trustees
Spring Board Tour
The TUSD Board of Trustees put in some miles last Thursday as they visited a number of sites to get a first-hand look at new and upcoming developments in TUSD: 

  • Wakefield Elementary School – Kindergarten Complex
  • Crowell Elementary School – Future Fencing Projects
  • District Farm – Facility Upgrades
  • Pitman High School – Career/ASB Facility, Track, Culinary Arts Program, Ag Floral Design
  • Child Nutrition Education Center

We appreciate our Board members willingness to take time away from their busy schedules to conduct these bi-annual tours and all their hard work on behalf of TUSD!
Wakefield Elementary School
Crowell Elementary School
District Farm
Pitman High School
Child Nutrition Education Center
First Grade Field Trip
Last week 935 first graders from our nine TUSD elementary schools visited the TUSD Farm! Ag students from Pitman and Turlock High School took shifts teaching at the following six stations:

  • Pig Barn
  • Composting Worm Beds
  • Seed Planting
  • Fruit Thinning
  • Beneficial Garden Creation
  • Tractors

We are thankful our TUSD Farm was the setting for a fun-filled day that allowed students to get their hands dirty while learning the benefits of farming. Rumor has it that as students left the farm whispered, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?”
Student and Staff Recognition Program Promo Video
Senior Assassination Advisory
Last Friday the following message was shared with the families of all seniors in TUSD:

This is to notify the parents of TUSD seniors that the student-organized "Senior Assassination" game IS NOT affiliated with TUSD nor sponsored by TUSD in any way.
If students are in possession of a squirt pistol, water rifle or any other water-related weapon on campus, they are in violation of Ed. Code Section 48900 (k) and also potentially subdivision (m) and will be suspended from school. Furthermore, planning and organizing such an activity during the school day could also result in disciplinary action. Any student participating in this game could be removed from Senior Activities such as prom, Grad Nite, and commencement.
In addition, please note that Turlock Police is aware of the activity and will continue to be vigilant in their enforcement of city laws. There will be zero tolerance for violations such as trespassing, thrown objects from vehicles, vandalism, speeding, reckless driving, etc.
Parents and residents of the Turlock community are concerned about the safety and well-being of our teenagers. TUSD highly discourages this "game" and we are particularly concerned that students with a replica firearm could be harmed inadvertently. We encourage parents to discuss this "game" with their students and discourage them from participating.
Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe.
Facts About Self-Harming Behavior and How to Help
Jennifer Carlsen, Student Support Clinician
Self-harm among kids and teens is not uncommon, but it often misunderstood. Self-harm is usually a way that a child or teen is attempting to cope with difficult emotions, or relieve emotional numbness. Self-injurious behavior sometimes involves cutting, but can also include hitting walls or objects, hair pulling, head-banging, or other behaviors resulting in injury. Self-harm is only slightly more common in girls (60%), and is most common during adolescence and young adulthood.

If you become aware of someone who is engaging in self-harming behavior you should:
  • Remain calm and express your concern
  • Listen with compassion
  • Remember that these behaviors are often a way people try to cope with emotional pain
  • Discuss ways to cope in a healthier way (finding a supportive person to talk to, deep breathing, taking a walk, etc.)
  • Discuss getting help from a qualified mental health professional

Self-harm does not necessarily indicate that a child or teen is having thoughts of suicide, but a caring adult should inquire about the reasons for the self-harming behavior and if a child reports thoughts of suicide and a plan of how they will end their life, it is appropriate to call 911 or take the child to the emergency room.

More information about self-harming facts and how to respond can be found HERE.
New Commenting Features in Google
Jay Brem, Director of Technology and Innovation
If you’ve been using Google for a while you know that one of the great features is the ability to comment on shared documents. It makes collaboration more efficient and helps address issues and concerns in real time. One of the drawbacks, however, has been that the commenting feature has been limited to GSuite products like Docs and Slides…. until now!

Google has released an update to the commenting feature that allows us to comment on non-Google products, in particular PDFs and Microsoft Word Docs (so they don’t have to be converted to Google Docs to comment). When you open a non-Google resource, like a PDF, look up to top right of the screen, where you normally see the icon for commenting. If it’s there, you can add comments. Try it out the next time your PLC or grade level is working together in a shared folder or Team Drive. Click HERE for more details.
Six Word Story
Pitman High School
Name | Isabella Amaya

Grade | Junior

Extracurricular Activities | Softball, ASB, Relay for Life, Pride Ambassador and Horseback Riding

Favorite Subject | Viticulture

College Goal | UC Davis

Career Goal | Teacher

Favorite Thing About Pitman | Our loving community 
Where in the World are . . . the Donaldsons?
Turlock High School
Ever since we started the feature on retirees in the TUSD Weekly Update a common refrain was heard: When are you going to interview the Donaldsons? Many who attended Turlock High School in the past 30 years fondly remember Ken and Kathlyn Donaldson both of whom not only taught math, but were also Department Chairs. Ken taught at THS for 34.5 years before retiring in 2011 while Kathlyn taught there 31 years and an additional three at Redmond High School in Washington. Since retiring, Ken has enjoyed golfing while both Ken and Kathlyn have appreciated more time to spend with their family, including 14 grandchildren, as well as traveling. They greatly miss the camaraderie of the THS Math Department including their frequent get-togethers and BBQs. Unsurprisingly, in light of the numerous accolades given to them by THS students, they also miss time spent teaching math, especially to those who loved this subject. Best wishes to you both on your retirement! 

P.S. Who would LOVE to hear a Podcast featuring Mr. Donaldson’s greatest stories such as the time he accidently ran over his prom date?!
Meet David
David Lattig, Director of CTE and Program Equity
David Lattig has worked at TUSD the past two years and in his short tenure has made a big impact! David started in TUSD as the Principal of Adult and Career Technical Education and this past year he served as the Director of CTE and Program Equity. He was just recently hired as our new Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the 2018-2019 school year. Prior to coming to TUSD, David worked for Escalon Unified School District for 14 years as a teacher, elementary school principal, high school assistant principal, continuation high school principal, and high school principal for five years. In reflecting on his time in TUSD, David shared that the past two years have been the most rewarding of his career. Working closely with CTE teachers and the community, TUSD has been able to establish industry partnerships that have created some incredible opportunities for our students including career exploration, job shadowing, general work experience, as well as paid and unpaid internships. The most rewarding aspect of his job, according to David, is placing students in paid positions where they are using the skills they learned in our classrooms, shops, and kitchens. David is also proud of the significant progress that has been made at our TUSD Farm. The CTE Office has coordinated efforts with our Agriculture departments, culinary arts classes, and elementary schools to increase student access and use of our farm. David exclaimed that, “TUSD is simply doing amazing things for kids! It is a pleasure to be part of the TUSD team!” In his free time David enjoys gardening, woodworking, backpacking, fishing, and pretty much anything that includes spending time with my family. We are happy David is part of the “US” in TUSD!  
Upcoming Events
Last Week in Social Media
Good luck to our TUSD students competing in the Stanislaus County Office of Education’s K-6 Science Olympiad today at Walnut Elementary Education Center!Julien Science Olympiad Crime Buster Team Kate Harrington & Sienna Butland! 
Have counselors, will travel! Pitman High School counselors Julissa Aguilar and Angie Freitas represented the Pride at Spratling Middle School College and Career Night!
Wishing all the Relay for Lifers from TUSD well today as they help kick cancer to the curb! One Day, One Night, One Community, One Fight. Who do you relay for? 
Thank you Cunningham Elementary School students and Principal Tami Truax for this important safety reminder:‬ See Something, Say Something
Tis the season for Open Houses in TUSD! Dutcher Middle School pulled out all the stops tonight to showcase their Diamondback students. Visit the TUSD website to print a flyer of our spring Open House schedule.
Our TUSD bus drivers participated in No Bully training this morning at the Professional Development Center. Did you know bus drivers must attend 10 hours of mandated professional development on an annual basis? Thank you to Director of Transportation Michelle Stone for bringing this important training to our awesome TUSD bus drivers! 
Shout out to Joe Banuelos and Nic Jensen in our Duplication Department who helped us meet an important mail deadline. You rock!
How often can you characterize something as PERFECT? These students at Dutcher, Pitman, TJHS, and Turlock earned PERFECT scores on last year’s CAASPP exam. They will be recognized at our April 25 TUSD Student and Staff Recognition Program. Hope you can make it! 
Shout out to Roberta Cheney for all her hard work organizing the annual Classified Workshop today for our site Administrative Assistants and District Office staff. A fun AND educational training with some great swag!
THS students signed a Unity Pledge as part of Unity Week activities. Students left their handprints on a banner that will displayed on campus to remind everyone who comes to THS that they respect differences and treat all people respectfully.
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Congrats to Kaysie Taylor from Dutcher Middle School on winning a $5 gift card for sending this #picoftheweek of students attempting to guess the "Book in a Jar" while visiting the Book Fair. TUSD guesses New Moon by Stephanie Meyer!
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