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This revamped TVH Mobility update seeks to deliver new product information, updates and details to help you deliver a better product experience to your end users. The TVH team looks forward to working with you on facilitating this. Feel free to reach out to David or Kipp to for information, support or demos.
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Thomashilfen Accessories are top notch!

Often the little things make the greatest difference. Check out the array of accessories available for Thomashilfen Strollers.
  • HiLo Base
  • Multi angle adjustable tray table
  • Multiple Headrest options (on the EASyS Modular)
  • Seating options -laterals, blocks, shoulder straps & belts
Midline Joystick Mounting Kit

Precision machined, BP Quality parts, the Midline is built to withstand the rigors of all power chair users.

Customize your kit based on your unique chair by selecting the Mounting Adapter, Rail or Tube Mount, and the Midline Arm shape that fits your needs. Each kit contains: 1 Tri-Lock Rotating Shaft, 1 Tri-Lock Modular Mounting Clamp, your choice of Midline Arm and your choice of Mounting Adapter.

Learn more by visiting the BP Midline site by clicking the button below.

Blind Spot Sensors
are making a big statement!

Many therapists, end users and family members are seeing an increase in independence that is supported through the use of Braze Blind Spot Sensors.

Three types of stimuli
Vibration Modules

Plus -add on an echo head to create a greater amount of coverage. Check out the accessories page here.

Click the button below to head on over to the Braze site.
Spinergy ZX-1
Power when you need it! And no tools required to attach.

Add a ZX-1 to a manual wheelchair to gain joystick power. Controlled acceleration and deceleration in a programmable joystick.

Many customization options:
Joystick knobs
Tire types
Arm rest length

ERGO Tilt & Recline Shower Chair

So many accessories & options!

Softer seats
Toilet pan inserts
Different cutout sizes
Splash guards
Armrest lockouts
Bodypoint belts, pelvic stabilizers & calf panels
Head/ neck rests
Calf & amputee stump support

Check them out and many great videos on the ERGO DUAL VIP Website by clicking on the button below.

Softening Positioning Surfaces with a Gel Overlay

Laterals from Gel Ovations are available in all styles and sizes. Vary the thickness of gel and size/contour of lateral to suit the end user's needs. Gel Ovations has a great assortment of swing away laterals which fit on any chair.

Like the idea? The team at Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab have many many options and the skills to customize a variety of parts and interfaces.

As us about the Gel Ovations & Falcon Rehab Bulk Purchase Program
Bonus Feature
A truly Groovy idea from Bodypoint. Did you know that in ordering the Grooved Joystick Handle, you can simply cut it to size?

There are many great Joystick Handle options from BP, take a look right now by
clicking on the BP Joystick Handle button to be taken to the BP site.

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