Welcome to the TVH Bariatric Resource Update
Bariatric resources to support you!
We've had a few requests for more specifics regarding which of our lines offer bariatric products. We've compiled this below with many clickable links for your navigation ease.

Feel free to reach out to David or Kipp for information, support or demos.
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Leisure Life -PaceSaver power wheelchairs & scooters.

Quality, American Made, Highly Customizable
Tilt, elevating leg rests, powered panus pads and a variety of seating options. Take a look for yourself by clicking the brochure links embedded below.

PaceSaver Models:
Scout M1 (300#) Gr2
Scout M1-350 (350#) Gr2
Scout 4-Post w/Sus (300#) Gr3
Scout RF 4-Post (300#) Gr2
Scout RF-P4 (400#) Gr2

Espree Atlas (450#)
Eclipse Atlas (450#)

Great customer service and the ability to chat directly with an engineer are assets that set this great company apart from the competition. Give them a call today!

We've got options!

2 pt hip belt L-EXT is 81" in length. With a push button buckle and either a cinch mount or flat mount option it provides BP piece of mind for the largest of users.

Add the Evoflex Extender for up to 5" more per side. They can be doubled up for even more distance with 10" extra length per side. Some great options with BP quality in mind!

A bariatric sized bed that will turn the user on a programmed schedule!

Eases caregiver load
Builds familial piece of mind
Improves quality of life
Provides better sleep
Promotes healing environment
UP to 600# (54"W x 86"L)

Falcon Rehab & Gel Ovations
Want heavy duty laterals?
Consider using double laterals for enhanced support? Complex customization?
If so, the Falcon / Gel Ovations folks have probably seen and done it!

  • Bariatric calf pads (11”x9”), calf panels to 30” wide are standard products.
  • Privacy flaps and gel inserts where needed.
  • Falcon Rehab is a specialist in bariatric tilt and recline. Have made >50º tilt options for clients over 700 lbs up to 36”.
  • Cantilevered arms that will hold up to 500 lb person transfer.
  • Bariatric lateral support that can take > 400 lbs. Custom double laterals.
  • Powered custom panis lift.
  • Custom bariatric backs.  

Get more details by calling the Falcon/Gel Ovations office today! 1-800-370-6808
Clarke Health Care Products

Offering a variety products to help ensure safe mobility and bathroom use for the larger users.

Aquatec XL Tub Lift -400# weight Cap
Ergo XL Shower Chair -400# weight Cap
Dolomite Maxi Plus Rollator -452# weight Cap
Dolomite Maxi Low Rollator -452# weight Cap

Check these great products out at the Clarke website by clicking the button below.

Mattress Sized Right

Thomashilfen's amazing Thevo Mattress line can be scaled up to provide up to 340# user weight.

No power needed.
A long history in the European Mattress industry.
Give them a try today!

Download the The Thomashilfen Mattress Brochure for more details!
Bonus Features
Ride Designs is capable of many creative custom seating options. Give them a call and see if they are capable of meeting your users needs. Ride Designs Website

Braze Mobility
Provides cutting edge technology for users to navigate their power wheelchairs safely. A great idea in regards to bariatric users who may not be capable of discerning a clear path behind their chair. Braze Mobility Website
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