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A reflection on this inflection point. Embracing a new new normal!   

Change is inevitable. Most humans don't welcome change with open arms as, in many circumstances, big change is not a choice and is thrust upon us. 
I feel that leadership expert Robin Sharma says it best when he says that " Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end." I have used this mantra with a number of the athletes that I coach and coaches that I mentor and it really has helped them to

 understand that this too shall pass. No, it will not be easy. No, it will not be comfortable. And no, we will not be the same in the end. We will be better, we will get through this together. 

Many of our manufacturer's are embracing this opportunity to be creative and to iterate their processes particularly in how they are delivering product information to the people they serve. You. 

A shining example of this is our favorite safety bed line, Beds By George  we take a look at how they are offering live web-based In-services via the Amazon Chime app & online. Many of our other lines offer a great selection of videos via their websites to help you self educate and train on your own time.

Take a look at the TVH Resources page and bookmark it. Here you will find all of the pertinent documents that you require. 

Below, as always, you'll find a wide variety of product links, resources  and information updates from the great lines that TVH represents. 

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As many companies are scrambling to develop a greater web presence and to find ways to better serve their clientele, Beds By George has Launched their web-based in-service capabilities. We are super stoked to offer this service to therapists, ATP's and our partners!  

So, how does it work? 
  • Contact TVH Mobility and we'll help set it up
  • We all jump online with a BBG staffer
  • They use product from their factory to demonstrate & answer questions

Why is this so awesome?
  • Real time Q&A
  • Not canned materials so tailored to your specific needs
  • It is rare to have a full size demo product on hand to see
  • You can feel the excitement, passion and commitment that the BBG crew have for the end users

What kind of questions can you ask? 
  • Anything!
  • Who is George and why does he like building beds? 
  • What is a safety bed and how do I justify it? 
  • How do we assemble one of these things? 
  • Can you really only use one hand to open and close that high side door?
Beds by George is an industry leader in bed quality and end user support. 

Amish made in Elkhart Indiana, a BBG bed is simple to assemble, looks great and will have end users and their caregivers sleeping safe and sound in no time. Deliver confidence and piece of mind with a BBG Bed.

Download the

Electric options! 

Slumber Series
A basic, high quality safety bed option in a competitive market
Haven Bed
A strong, study and beautiful fully enclosed
mesh canopy bed 
Dream Series
Great customization, options in the beautiful bed!

Visit the BBG Website by Clicking Here

Contact TVH Mobility for an in-service, or product demo opportunities.  
Ride Designs - Revelations!   
Just when you thought it couldn't get better...
Ride brings forth a revelation from the field. Our new favorite softer interface Ride custom cushion is getting an assist, some could call it a wing-man or best bud or partner in crime.  Who is this big supporter? None other than the Java Cushion. 

You can use the Java base as an evaluator cushion!  In typical Ride fashion all you need to do is to follow the simple 8 step process outlined in the AccuSoft order form. 

The updated AccuSoft/RCB order form is now accessible on the RideWorks app. Instructions for using the Java Cushion as an evaluator tool are on page 5 of the order form,  here   .
Keep in mind:
  • The Custom AccuSoft Cushion is not changing. We are just introducing another method to capture a shape.
  • This method is appropriate to utilize when the client presents with symmetry, or asymmetry, that responds easily to correction.
  • The use of a Java Cushion as an evaluation and measurement tool is only offered for the Custom AccuSoft Cushion. Shapes for the Custom 2 Cushion must be captured using the bead bag and vacuum pump method.
  • The AccuSoft Cushion is NOT an offloading cushion.
  • An AccuSoft Cushion fabricated from the Java Cushion capture method is based on a Java Cushion model with one reticulated foam well-insert in the IT-well (the small / bottom well-insert). This model, with a slight pelvic contour, will be considered full contact on the order form and is also available with our patented Ride Contour.
  • Using the Java Cushion model, we will digitally configure and modify the shape per the order form specifications. This will include any CAM or orientation wedges used during the shape capture as well as any medial and lateral thigh supports requested on the order form.
  • The modified shape will be manufactured per our normal Accusoft manufacturing process.
  • Photos are needed when this method is utilized. Submit the photo and order form through RideWorks.
Your TVH team is excited for this opportunity and doing our bit to help spread the word about this new evaluation and measurement method for the Custom AccuSoft Cushion. 

Don't forget that Ride offers Real-Time Problem Solving Support with Ryan Crosby, ATP, SMS or another ride technical expert. 

To schedule an appointment visit here: Technical Support

Don't forget to show your App some love and complete the update from Rideworks which will includes the AccuSoft Details on the Order Form. 

Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library
Support that justification!  Ride Research
New research on seated buttocks anatomy! Have a read

Key Ride Links: 

*UPDATE* Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Be sure to visit the Ride University Website regularly to see if there are any changes to the course plans. 

Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Bodypoint -  Extend that Evoflex with confidence 
Bodypoint seems to be Flexing it's creative muscle. 
The new Evoflex extender can add up to 5" of length. You may wonder what the difference is in this Belt Extender option? This is made of 4mm thick durable plastic that can be bent with boiling water to meet the contour you require or cut to the desired length. 

A smart locking pin adds a second connection point with the belt minimizing a chance of pivot. Using the reverse side that does not have the locking pin can allow for a controlled pivot to get around obstacles. 

Use the Belt Extender with any size of Evoflex. Check it out on the BP website!


Did you know that Bodypoint is the only belt, strap and positioning device focused company in the industry that adheres to ISO Standards?
This is reinforced within their Product  Quality Policy  

BP has made updates to their  BP Catalog download yours here!
Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.
Clarke Health Care - Portability Rules! 

Seatara Bathombile and Wheelable 
provide great  options for those who are getting excited to hit the roads. Maybe there is a cabin, cottage or rental property where a light-weight, durable and portable shower/commode chair would be an asset. For any of these, we've got options! 

 The   Bathmobile weights only 22lbs and can hold up to a 286lbs user. Stainless steel components within a injection molded frame provides height adjust-ability and 5" casters allow for easy self propelled or caregiver assisted rolling The seat measures 17.6" L x 17.6"W. A carrying case option keeps all parts and pieces intact when on the move. 


The Wheelable is a foldable user propelled shower/commode chair that fits through narrow passageways to wheel over a toilet or into a shower stall. Seat size is 15.7" W x 17" L with 20" wheels and 3.25" casters and has a weight capacity of 220lbs. A truly unique product that folds quickly and easily provides a strong sturdy base when you are on the move. 


Wheelable - Recheck Your Limits
Wheelable - Recheck Your Limits

Contact TVH Mobility for an in-service, or product demo opportunities.  
Thomashilfen - A history in mattresses? 

So, we know Thomashilfen as an amazing car seat and stroller company.   

BUT, did you know that they have over six decades of history in the mattress industry? 
Just not in North America. Thomashilfen has been learning about bed's since Karl Thomas designed a bed for his wife who had MS and faced challenges in getting  a good nights sleep In 1955 he actually invented the "slatted frame" and first spring support bed in the world. 

Here's a brief description about the philosophy behind Micro-Stiumulation (MiS) technology utilized in Thomashilfen beds. 

"If your body moves constantly throughout the night, so should your bed! MiS helps individuals achieve a healthy and restorative full night of sleep. MiS activates the neurons in the brainstem, connecting mind and body to effortlessly begin the five s
tages of sleep. For every movement made while sleeping (even a breath), MiS reacts with micro-sized counter movements, keeping the body constantly balanced throughout the night. MiS is clinically proven to improve blood flow and circulation, improve spinal alignment and posture, and heighten body perception and mobility."

See how Micro-Stimulation Works! 
Thevo Mobility Bed
Thevo Mobility Bed

Thomashilfen has sponsored Para Athlete and 5x World Championship Medalist, Jaleen Roberts w ith a Thevo Relief Bed and it has changed her life. This athlete with Cerebral Palsy had extreme low back pain, enough to stop her from being able to run and train for long jump. With the ThevoRelief Bed, Jaleen has not missed another workout because of back pain! It's awesome. 

If you need another testimonial just chat with David Greig at TVH mobility. "I have purchased one too and it's the best sleep I've ever had! Travelling constantly, coaching all around the world, I've been exposed to a lot of beds. The ThevoRelief bed from Thomashilfen helps my low back and ensures that I have a sound sleep. When I'm home, I start each day rested and ready to be productive." 

Want to learn more about this and the Thomashilfen product lines?
Check out their refreshed website which more concisely outlines the benefit of each product. 

Don't forget to ask about our demo stock that we are selling off!
Thomashilfen has full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
ProBed -Promoting lung health! 

The automated turning process of the Freedom Bed from ProBed creates a climate for fluid movement within the lungs for users who have compromised breathing and limited mobility. 

Quality of sleep promotes a healing environment. ProBed users see a vast improvement in not only sleep quality, but also blood flow and respiration. Coupled with elevation of the head and feet, the bed gives both user and caregiver a sense of confidence that it is working for their health and well-being. Couple this with the ability for voice activation and the user really gets a sense of control over the space in which they may spend a significant of time. 

Take a look at another great ProBed video resource and share within your networks! 

Patient Rotation Bed System -- The Freedom Bed by ProBed Medical
Patient Rotation Bed System 

Download the  Freedom Bed Brochure

Key links from the ProBed Website

Visit the   ProBed website to learn more! 

Email us  for more information.

Gel Ovations Dimensional Gel is the Gem!
 A great option for any of those tricky interfaces, Gel Pads come in all sizes and shapes. They are customizable with covers from the factory or you can purchase sheets to make your own customizations. 

There are a myriad of options available in all shapes and sizes.  Slide on over to the Gel Ovations Site to see what's available. Your best bet is to call the shop to have them help you sort out your gel needs! Tell them your pal's at TVH sent you.   
0.5" Hexagonal
Dimensional GEL Pad

The Flat Pad
available in
TONS of densities

Dimensional Gel is available in many shapes and sizes

Some uses for Gel Pads
Laterals / Foot Plates / Arm Rests / Toilet Seat Covers / Shower Cushions
Car Seat Cushions / Transfer Boards / Bed Overlay / Elbow Stops 
The list goes on and on....your creativity is the limit!

NOTE: If you are wanting to cut this product for custom use ask for silicone.

Psssst, if pricing is a concern, drop us a line and we can chat about that. 
Don't forget to ask about bulk purchasing options or the Gel Masters in store end cap service. 

Other Product Information
  Gel Ovations Product Guide
See much much more on the TVH Mobility Resources Page

Email us  for more information.

Find your local adaptive sport & recreation program

Know the local landscape! Get your end users involved and see the benefit of adaptive sport when used as a Catalyst for LIfe! 

There are many great opportunities in your community! Find out how to empower an end user to participate in sport and recreation or how to provide support today! If you have any awesome end user stories to tell, please do so and email us to share. 

Boise -a new initiative from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Boise is home to CAF Idaho. There are year-round grants available for sports equipment in Idaho! Check it out! Click Here

A comprehensive list of Adaptive Sport Groups in your state From How I Roll Sports
For Full Listing: Click Here

Catch up with localized programs searching for athletes, coaches & volunteers! 
 Oregon Adaptive Sports
Spokane: ParaSport Spokane    
Whitefish: Dream Adaptive Recreation Summer Activities Program

Want to list your program or event here? Contact TVH Mobility to discuss

Need a TVH in-service, demos or literature? 
Fire us off a note and we'll see what we can do to help you out!

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