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Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built brick by brick.  

For those interested in building better habits and learning about human efficiencies, I recommend following James Clear. He offers an easy reading blog that is grounded in science and built to help humans improve. Recently, he has posted a blog that resonated with me about the importance of doing small things well.   

Like all grand plans...relationships & trust... seating and positioning... we are always working on something brick by brick.
The Blog can be found by clicking here:  

TVH is constantly growing to better serve your needs. Through the products we offer, our in-services and educational opportunities, and our website. Lots of updates, upgrades and announcements to come in the near future. Exciting times ahead.   

David Greig
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii & Alaska

Cell # (509)-850-6858

Ride Designs - The Forward is Forming a Following! Plus More Research Released

Need more evidence to support your belief in Ride? How about something to help you make the decision to support the Ride offloading philosophy? 
There are many great research supported articles which are available on the Ride website. 
Have a look! Click the image to go to the Ride research page. 

The Ride Forward Cushion

Off the shelf
Visio-Elastic Foam

Supportive Contour

Reduces Pressure

Breathable Cover
Keeps user cool & dry

Interior Incontinent Cover
Keeps foam dry

Great option for Peds
Small as 10x10

Great for those who sensate or are single leg propellers

Slide Valve Replacement Kit only $35!
Still fumbling with the old ball valve? Make the upgrade today, it's soooo much easier! 

Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library

Key Ride Links: 

Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Bodypoint - New Hires to Serve You Better! 
Bodypoint has had a busy year thus far. Four new staff are now on board and are super excited to help grow the BP Brand and provide higher quality customer service to support the stellar BP product line.

There is lots to be excited about over the next year with new products launching and many fresh initiatives to come. A hardy "Welcome aboard" from TVH Mobility and the Pacific Northwest. 

    • Natalie Beauchene, Marketing Manager
    • Tyler Calvi, Marketing Coordinator
    • Lori Lizotte, Director of U.S. Sales
    • Mark Jordan, Vice President, Global Sales &  Marketing 

Get Groovy with the New Grooved Mushroom Joystick Knob!
Bodypoint's newest joystick handle is now available.
Designed to fit a wide range of common needs,
the Grooved Mushroom (PC110) is the result of years of learning  from customers
 and collaboration with users and clinicians.
This new joystick handle meets such a range of user needs, Bodypoint has discontinued the Ball Knob (PC103), Rubber Mushroom (PC108), and Aluminum Top (PC109) joystick handles

Don't forget your catalog  Submit a hard copy request                                  

Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.  

Nuprodx - The Track Star!

Quick assembly, smooth ride and performance engineered for user comfort! 
The multiCHAIR 5000 and 6000 series from Nuprodx were designed with both end user and caregiver in mind. No matter what the circumstance, users will notice how easy the transition from the chair to the tub/shower/toilet is. Want to close the shower curtain? A super simple design allows the lightweight track bridge to be quickly removed and set aside until needed again.  Worth a look? contact TVH Mobility about seeing a demo of this awesome product. 

Watch to see how easy it is to put together...
mc6000InstructionalVideo v1
MC6000 Assembly Video 

Why will they love it? 
Super simple to assemble
Is light-weight and has super clean lines
The smoothest ride in the market
Tub portion is super stable with many options
Removable track bridge allows curtains to be closed

See why they do! Check out some great Testimonials
One tool to assemble them all!

Hungry for more info? Download the handy   TVH Hotlink File

Email us to learn about many Nuprodx options. 

Thomashilfen - Not just awesome car seats and strollers, these accessories are top of class!  


Also Available
Seat Wedges
Swivel base (Monza only)
Crotch Pad
Adjustable Footrests
Strap Covers
...and more!

Seat Depth Extension
Adjustable Play Tray

Also Available
Medical Device Tray
Winter Sleeping Bag
Abduction Block
Variety of Belts, Harnesses
& Headrests
Summer Sleeping Bag
Sun Umbrella
Rain Canopy

Also, check out the adjustable Q Chassis, perfect for home, therapy & school settings!

Available for the ThevoTwist, ThevoTherapy,
EASyS Modular, EASyS Advantage, and the tRide 

Don't forget about the full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
Visit BBG
Beds By George - Great Color Options!  
The ability to personalize a product is critical to end user engagement and arguably it supports the intangible such as pride and dignity. For a product like a Beds By George safety, this is a long term investment and having that personal touch not only positively impacts the end user, but the caregiver and extended family. 

BBG offers a number of ways to customize their end product. A variety of head & footboard styles, the finish of the posts, personalized engravings and even accent carvings are all elements that add to the final product. To see the BBG aesthetic options, follow this link

The two wood types Northern Red Oak and Brown Maple offer differing textures and profile of grain to catch the eye. BBG also proudly uses only Amish Certified Stains that are EPA friendly and meet all requirements of KCMA and AFMA. 

The BBG Color Selection
Natural Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Rosewood on Oak

Michael's Cherry 
on Oak

Asbury on Oak


Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 

*Not represented in Idaho & Montana

Arm pads & troughs? We've got those covered! There are too many gel cover, replacement pads and arm trough options to possibly list them here. You need to take a look at the Gel Ovations site to believe in this vast selection ( Click here to head there now).

But first, here's a teaser. 
Replacement cover for protective pad
4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 4x15
14" Gel Lined High Back Rigid Arm Trough 

Arm Trough
Hand Pad

So what is ROBO P.A.W.S?

Weight Shift

Ensures proper movement
on pre-programed schedule

Removes application from caregiver's hands

Alleviates compliance challenges

Electronic Documentation

Reduces risk of pressure
causing environments

See them online here

Bariatric Sizing

The crew at Gel Ovations & Falcon Rehab conti nue to develop and improve on their already high quality line of products. Contact TVH Mobility for more information or to start a conversation regarding these great product lines. 

Other Product Information
Gel Ovations Product Guide

Email us  for more information.

Spinergy -  The ZX-1 Is Great for Higher Education

So easy to use for negotiating those campus environments 

No tools to attach
Total control with the programmable joystick
Controlled braking and descent on ramps and curb cuts
Conserve your energy and be able to maintain focus without fatigue
Convenient power when it is needed! 

ZX-1 Website

Don't forget about the new TC Stainless Steel Handrim? 
Sports Fans!  You can still show your team spirit with your  spokes and tires
Contact us for team discounts and pricing.  

Click here for the 

Find your local adaptive sport & recreation program

Upcoming event! 
Pacific Northwest Sectional Wheelchair Tennis Championships

A comprehensive list of Adaptive Sport Groups in your state From How I Roll Sports
For Full List: Click Here

Catch up with localized programs searching for athletes, coaches & volunteers! 
 Oregon Adaptive Sports
Spokane: ParaSport Spokane    

Want to list your program or event here? Contact TVH Mobility to discuss

Need a TVH in-service, demos or literature? 
Fire us off a note and we'll see what we can do to help you out!
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