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Summer is here! 

An early "Happy 4th!" to everyone!

As we reflect on what independence means to each and every one of us let's not forget how vital our roles are in promoting access to an independent life for our end users. 

My virtual door is always open, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. 

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Ride Designs - It's the Java Back!  

But first...A new Rideworks update has been released, head on over the the app store to get it today. 

Breathability, contour, comfort, postural support and scapular clearance all set this great product apart from its competitors.
(Below Scapula)


(Shoulder Height)


2 Depths to Choose From 

14-20" Sizes

With the user in the chair

Don't forget the Decaf, pediatric version available

Get the lowdown on the Java Back 
from Ride's own Tom Hetzel

Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library

Key Ride Links: 

Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Upcoming Dates:

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Nuprodx - Independent Bathroom Mobility

How about wheeling into the shower or onto the toilet?  
The self propelling version of the 4000 Multichair is a great option in navigating independent bathroom mobility. 

Why will they love it? 

All of the great Nuprodx options on a manual propelled chair.

Two different wheel sizes and configurations available,

Adjustable and easily clears common toilet sizes, 

Quick and easy assembly

Isn't cumbersome and looks great! 

One tool to assemble them all!

Hungry for more info? Download the handy   TVH Hotlink File

Email us to learn about many Nuprodx options. 

Bodypoint - Newly Designed Products!
                     ...and some discontinued. 
Hardware Mounting Update:  
Seat Mounting Brackets now fit a wider variety of wheelchairs! 

New Products (available now):
  HW200-20-2 , Seat Mounting Bracket with 20° Bend, for side mounting (pair)
HW200-90-2 , Seat Mounting Bracket with 90° Bend, for top mounting (pair); Will be sold as an equivalent to the HW312-KIT
Discontinued Products (effective June 13, 2018):
  HW312-KIT , Seat Tube Mounting Bracket Kit (pair)
HW312-KIT-10 , Seat Tube Mounting Bracket Kit (10 pairs)
HW312-KIT-50, Seat Tube Mounting Bracket Kit (50 pairs)
Go to the

The following Joystick Handles have been discontinued:  
  • PC103 Ball Knob (PC103A, PC103B)
  • PC108 Rubber Mushroom Head (PC108AS, PC108BS, PC108AL, PC108BL)
  • PC109 Aluminum Top (PC109A-Blue, PC109B-Blue)

Catalog  Submit a hard copy request                                  

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Thomashilfen - Have you seen the Q Chassis & the Z Chassis? 

A great option for home, school & therapy settings. 
Available with these fine Thomashilfen products: 

Thomashilfen Hi-Lo Base Tutorial

Don't forget about the full lines of 

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Visit BBG
Beds By George - Gaining Traction in the PNW!  
The Pacific Northwest is investing in Beds By George! 
TVH has represented BBG since 2012 and 2018 is already trending to be a breakthrough year.

Why are people looking to BBG as their Safety Bed Option?  

1) Product Quality and Support -are unmatched in the industry 
2) Rep Support in the area -TVH is here to help you and your clients out! 
3) Competitive Pricing vs Competitors -a higher value for those precious $$

Want to hear more about Beds By George? Schedule an in-service by contacting TVH Mobility

TVH and BBG are committed to see your end users get the products that they deserve and will work closely with you to make it happen. 

Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 

*Not represented in Idaho & Montana

The crew at Gel Ovations & Falcon Rehab continue to develop and improve on their already high quality line of products. Contact TVH Mobility for more information or to start a conversation regarding this product line. 

The Sta-Rite Guide has been UPDATED
now including: 
Forehead Stabilizer
Thoracic Stabilizer
Lateral Add-On Elbow Stop

Don't forget about:  
Thigh Guide
Multi Positional to dial in fit
Promotes alignment of even the most complex cases
Heavy duty to capture the most extreme users
For more info:  Thigh Guide Info Sheet

Loop Wheels
Shock absorbing wheels
Much lighter weight than competitors
Stylish and intriguing design
Comfortable ride
Many customizable options available
For more info: Loopwheels Brochure

Other Product Information
Gel Ovations Product Guide

Email us  for more information.

A Great Testimonial Here

Not just shoulder pain,
but a better posture and a stronger back!  

The ZX-1 Offers Many Benefits!  

The best power assist option for those with upper extremity impairment! 

No tools to attach
Total control with the programmable joystick
Controlled braking and descent on ramps and curb cuts
Convenient power when it is needed! 
Power & Independence from the ZX-1
Power & Independence from the ZX-1

Don't forget about the new TC Stainless Steel Handrim? 
Sportsfans! You can still show your team spirit with your  spokes and tires

Click here for the 

Find your local adaptive sport & recreation program

A comprehensive list of Adaptive Sport Groups in your state From How I Roll Sports
For Full List: Click Here

Catch up with localized programs searching for athletes, coaches & volunteers! 
 Oregon Adaptive Sports
Spokane: ParaSport Spokane    

Want to list your program or event here? Contact TVH Mobility to discuss

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