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The TVH Update
Many Manufacturers are using these curious times to act on long thought about web-based education, learning and technological advancements.

All driven to support you and your end users goals through better knowledge-sharing, creative assessment and evaluation tools we've compiled a list of these new and exciting things. 

We are always wanting to keep you appraised of the most up to date resources, pop on over to the TVH Mobility Website for more details. Click Here to be taken there directly. 
Give us a shout at TVH Mobility and we'll help you get set up with some of these amazing assets! 

NEW!!! Offering Virtual In-services
Catered to you or your clients. You'll gain direct access to BBG staff from their manufacturing facility. 
Website: Click here

Getting into the Webinar Game. 
BP will be offering live and interactive training to include Bodypoint Products, Clinical applications and "How To's", as well as On-Demand Product focus videos.
Website: Click here

As one of our most technologically advanced product lines. Braze is testing a new evaluator app which can help supplement and augment having a Braze training system. This tech is very cool and can help build a case for justification.  
Braze is also upping their webinar game. Let us know if you would like to participate. 
Website: Click here

Now adding TeleEvals and TeleFittings to their great customer service options! 

Utilizing Zoom/Facetime/Duo/WhatsApp/ Messenger/ any other platform you are using to help you get out to your end users to take measurements, and garner feedback. 
Website: Click here

Ride University is growing and now has an online presence. With courses & educational tools that are free and at a cost you can learn on your own time. New CEU options are being added! 

Website:  Click here

If you have yet to explore the Spinergy Design Lab, you've been missing out. Check out of the the color combinations and options available on their amazing wheels/spokes & hubs. 
Website:  Click here

Oh they'll drop ship it! With limitations in access to users. Thomashilfen is now working closer with DME's to provide direct to home delivery of their great products. 
Give them a call to see how this can work to help you better! 
Website: Click here

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Thank you! 

We're all involved in getting through these tough times. The effort that companies, therapists, and ATP's are going through to get the job done to continue to deliver product, navigate physical distancing and respecting the needs of some many others is nothing less than inspiring. It gives us great hope and we're proud to be associated with each and every one of you.

As always our virtual doors are always open. No need for hand sanitizer, wipes or masks in this form of 
 For your convenience we've included a resources page on our website for those larger documents
 that are hard to email. Take a look at the TVH Resources page and bookmark it. Here you will find all of the pertinent documents that you require. 
Please feel free to reach out to us to chat about products, demo products or having us come in for an eval

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