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Below you'll find a wide variety of product links, resources and information updates from the great lines that TVH represents. 

So what else have we been up to?
ISS  2020 in Vancouver: David was in attendance and took the opportunity to gain greater appreciation for a number of our product lines that were in attendance. There are some exciting updates coming this year from many of our lines! It was great to see all of the therapists and ATP's who are motivated to learn more and expand their understanding of their profession, their clients and the products that they provide. 

In early November 2019 David was in Dubai at the World Para Athletics Championships in the role of technical manager for the 62 person team USA. The Paralympic sport of track and field is the broadest participation sport in the Paralympics (meaning the most disability diagnoses qualify for this sport) and is comprised of track events (running and wheelchair racing) and field events (ambulatory/standing and seated). Find out more about World Para Athletics and the history of the sport by clicking the embedded hotlink above and watching the video below. 

Para Athletics | A Brief History
Para Athletics | A Brief History

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NewThree of our newer lines!

We are really appreciating what Braze Mobility, Levo and Leisure-Lift have brought to the TVH Line-up! Their high level of customer service, quality products and innovation are all industry leaders.  

Safety and confidence built into one simple tool! Braze has developed blind spot sensor technology for power chair users. We're very excited to work with Braze to bring this awesome product to you. 
See how it works! 
Braze Youtube Channel

Levo, the foremost leader in standing wheelchairs that combines style and function. Now, Levo has the only Manual Standing Chair on the market. 
Levo C3

The PaceSaver line of bariatric wheelchairs and scooters offer heavy duty options for the heavier users. Customization sets this line apart from the competition.  Great quality, amazing service and American Made. 

Download the

Contact TVH Mobility for an in-service, or product demo opportunities.  
Ride Designs - AccuSoft Modifications 
Don't forget that Ride offers Real-Time Problem Solving Support with Ryan Crosby, ATP, SMS or another ride technical expert. 

To schedule an appointment visit here: Technical Support

Working through that AccuSoft learning curve?  

Here's a great supplemental video featuring Ride founder Joe Bieganek  

Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion Modifications
Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion Modifications

Don't forget to show your App some love and complete the update from Rideworks which will includes the AccuSoft Details on the Order Form. 

Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library
Support that justification!  Ride Research

Key Ride Links: 

*UPDATE* Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Be sure to visit the Ride University Website regularly to see if there are any changes to the course plans. 

Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Bodypoint -  High Standards = High Quality 
Bodypoint works hard to develop products that will last.  
With high quality and high manufacturing standards, this means that your end users will have products that will last and are very well engineered. The BP accessories on their chairs will look nice and clean if they are well taken care of.

Have you had the chance to use the new Strap Guides yet? 
There are some great mounting adapter options available.  

Bodypoint | Shoulder Harness Strap Guides | Wheelchair Hardware
Shoulder Harness Strap Guides 

Did you know that Bodypoint is the only belt, strap and positioning device focused company in the industry that adheres to ISO Standards?
This is reinforced within their Product  Quality Policy  

BP has made updates to their  BP Catalog download yours here!
Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.
Clarke Health Care - ERGO Styles! 

The Ocean Line is becoming the ERGO line from Aquatec. Same great quality, more great options.

Check out the ERGO DUALVIP Shower Chair
Offering Tilt, Recline and a variety of seating and accessory options. 

Ergo Accessories - Seats and Backrests v2 Clarke Endpage 1080p
Ergo Accessories - Seats and Backrests 

Contact TVH Mobility for an in-service, or product demo opportunities.  
Thomashilfen - Swifty Size 2

A most basic of lightweight pediatric stroller / wheelchairs.
For those users with minimal head support needs, but require the options that are provided through a special needs stroller. 

Fits users up to 110.2lbs and 59.1" tall
Adjustable back angle and footrest, easily folding frame and all of those favorite Thomashilfen accessories. 
Many accessories and add-ons to customize fit and function.
 Swifty2 Brochure

Don't forget.  
Visit the  RECARO Monza Nova page

Want to learn more about the Thomashilfen product lines?
Check out their refreshed website which more concisely outlines the benefit of each product. 

Don't forget to ask about our demo stock that we are selling off!
Thomashilfen has full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
Visit BBG
Beds By George -  George loves to accessorize!  
And so should your end users. 

With BBG it's the small things, those personal touches like having Adam on hand to help with writing the LMJ, knowing that each bed is lovingly handcrafted with hardwood and ensuring low chemical off-gas for added safety for end users. Be it as simple as an IV pole, an access port or adding wheels so that the bed can be moved, or even personalized like engraving in the head or foot boards or adding access windows for ventilation, light and the ability to see the user.  

Head on over to the BBG accessories page to see what else they are capable of.  

Mesh Canopy Flier

Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 

ProBed -Putting a cost on sleep quality and a healing climate 

ProBed has run some numbers regarding the cost of wound care. Have a read! 

"Analysis of wound care costs over a typical four-year period shows median costs amounting to approximately $400,000.  This amount, determined by using the following analysis across a broad spectrum of patients, provides the following breakdown:  Required durable medical equipment - $72,000; costs of care related to incidences of pneumonia - $80,000; wound VAC -  $36,000; wound management -  $125,000; skin flap surgery - $86,000."

For more details regarding Cost vs Benefits visit the ProBed site

Take a look at another great ProBed video resource

Patient Rotation Bed System -- The Freedom Bed by ProBed Medical
Patient Rotation Bed System 

Download the  Freedom Bed Brochure

Key links from the ProBed Website

Visit the   ProBed website to learn more! 

Email us  for more information.

Gel Ovations has a large line of arm rest replacement cover options in different densities and sizes. 

Slide on over to the Gel Ovations Site to see what's available  

Don't forget about Loopwheels!
Check out pricing and available options on the Gel Ovations Site

Other Product Information
  Gel Ovations Product Guide
See much much more on the TVH Mobility Resources Page

Email us  for more information.

Find your local adaptive sport & recreation program

Know the local landscape! Get your end users involved and see the benefit of adaptive sport when used as a Catalyst for LIfe! 

There are many great opportunities in your community! Find out how to empower an end user to participate in sport and recreation or how to provide support today! If you have any awesome end user stories to tell, please do so and email us to share. 

Boise -a new initiative from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Boise is home to CAF Idaho. There are year-round grants available for sports equipment in Idaho! Check it out! Click Here

A comprehensive list of Adaptive Sport Groups in your state From How I Roll Sports
For Full Listing: Click Here

Catch up with localized programs searching for athletes, coaches & volunteers! 
 Oregon Adaptive Sports
Spokane: ParaSport Spokane    
Whitefish: Dream Adaptive Recreation Summer Activities Program

Want to list your program or event here? Contact TVH Mobility to discuss

Need a TVH in-service, demos or literature? 
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