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Know Your Rep, Your Resource

Giving back. 

If you've had the opportunity to chat with me you would know that I am not only passionate about providing you with the best tools for your end users, but I am also very involved with the sport and recreation side the industry. 

I've coached in the Paralympic Track & Field system for 19 years now and as a wheelchair basketball coach for 5.  My weekends are filled with practices, competitions and athlete interaction.

My skill set also has me involved in aspects of event management. Aside from assisting in the ongoing operations of ParaSport Spokane, I also volunteer as co-race director for the wheelchair division at Spokane's Bloomsday 12k and am the competition manager at the 2018 Warrior Games at the Air Force Academy in June. This is my third year in this role.

For our end users, quality of life goes well beyond their seating system, means of sleeping, toileting and mobility. Access to sport and recreation options are essential in developing the whole self and we are seeing many great success stories where individuals are defining themselves, not by their disability, but through their accomplishments in the community, at their schools, nationally and internationally through sport. Are you aware of local options for your clients? Have you referred anyone to sport lately? 

My virtual door is always open, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. 

David Greig
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii & Alaska

Cell # (509)-850-6858

We are excited to bring further opportunity for the great products from Gel Ovations and Falcon to the Pacific Northwest! 

A leader in Gel products and accessories featuring gel, Gel Ovations and Falcon seek to bring high quality, durable products to address distinct end user needs. 

Such as: 

ALS Head Rest

Improves breathing, visual contact & swallowing
Provides stability without limiting mobility
Allows for head movement, while still providing support
For more info:  Head Rest Review

Thigh Guide
Multi Positional to dial in fit
Promotes alignment of even the most complex cases
Heavy duty to capture the most extreme users
For more info:  Thigh Guide Info Sheet

Loop Wheels
Shock absorbing wheels
Much lighter weight than competitors
Stylish and intriguing design
Comfortable ride
Many customizable options available
For more info: Loopwheels Brochure

Other Product Information
StaRite Product Guide

Email us  for more information.

Ride Designs - A jolt of Java 

With all of the excitement around the RCC2 Cushion and Shape Capture Method,  we must not forget about the revolutionary Java Cushion. 

Manages heat and moisture, mitigating climates that cause sores.

Is significantly lighter than its competitors and needs no   fit-essential maintenance.

Is easily cleaned and  has free size modifications to dial in the fit to the wheelchair

Uses CAM wedges to adjust and adapt to the user


Sizes 14-20"
Weight Capacity of 300 lbs

Get the lowdown on the Ride Cushion Spectrum 
from Ride's own Tom Hetzel

Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library

Key Ride Links: 

Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Nuprodx - Travel with confidence  

Have end users looking to travel over the summer months? 
Off to the cabin, coast, a cruise? Not comfortable or confident with Hotel transfer options? 

The Nuprodx Tx line of chairs continues to get rave reviews from the active traveler! 

Why do they love it? 

Packs easily into the travel bag

Only takes one tool to quickly assemble

Sturdy design gives confidence

Isn't cumbersome and looks great! 

One tool to assemble them all!

Hungry for more info? Download the handy   TVH Hotlink File

Email us to learn about many Nuprodx options. 

Bodypoint -  Belt it out to the world! The Chest Belt has been updated.   
The Chest Belt has received a upgrade. 

Low-profile molded end tab
Updated hook-and-loop material
Stronger nickel plated steel loop
Slip on pads are still an option

Did you know that Bodypoint has over 2500 potential product combinations? 
Give us a call to find out more. 

Click here for the other   Q1 Updates
Catalog  Submit a hard copy request                                  

Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.  

Thomashilfen - Defender & Monza are a dynamic duo! 

Car Seat & 
Booster Combo

65/110 lbs 

Cup Holder Feature

Removable: Head/Trunk/Lateral Supports
Easily adjusts to all seat angles
Booster up to 110 lbs
Unparalleled support and style

Swivel base option 

Nifty speakers in the adjustable headrest

Footrest adapter available

Seatfix option locks booster onto the seat

Don't forget about the full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
Visit BBG
Beds By George - Working for your end user!  
Having trouble getting those beds funded?
BBG has seen it all, heard it all and will help get that bed properly funded... and support in the battle to do so. They have the evidence to support the need, they have the precedents that are set across the country.... and their in-house lawyer, Adam Davis has done the research to back it up. 

TVH and BBG are committed to see your end users get the products that they deserve and will work closely with you to make it happen. 

BBG has compiled a resource page to support: Safety Bed Insurance Page 

Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 

*Not represented in Idaho & Montana

Learn More Here
Pulling vs Pushing...
Have questions about Rowheeling? 
Installing rowheels here is a must see video:
  Rowheels Installation Tips
Spinergy ZX-1 -Spring is right around the corner! 

Ready for Spring? 
Assist your clients in getting outside and rolling with their families and friends!  

Outdoor Wheel Package
Big goals? Big Environment? Big Tires on Spinergy Wheels! 

Power when you need it with the ZX-1!

Travel Case
Travel Case

The ZX-1 is on sale!  Email us  
about an exclusive ZX-1 discount!  

Have you seen our new TC Stainless Steel Handrim? 
Sportsfans! You can still show your team spirit with your  spokes and tires

Upcoming Sport and Recreation Events in the Region

Need a TVH in-service, demos or literature? 
Fire us off a note and we'll see what we can do to help you out!

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