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As your rep, I spend an extensive amount of time staring out the windshield while touring the vast Pacific Northwest. A slice of heaven on earth it truly is a diverse environment that we live within. 
Like in all of life, balance is key. 

Be it balanced posture as a key baseline in mobility. Balancing a hectic client load and the mandatory paperwork. Or, managing essential family time in contrast to work commitment. Throughout the miles and days on the road, I seek to balance my sitting time and mental focus with moments of fresh air in nature. These moments allow me to clear my mind, refocus, and reinvigorate.   

Have you seen the reinvigorated TVH Website?   

Check out this great product integration!
A Nuprodx MultiCHAIR 4000tilt, Ride Custom back and commode cushion, Bodypoint shower & Aeromesh rapid-dry bath belt with calf support (note Bodypoint now has a shower version of the Aeromesh calf support click here to see it)
Here's to achieving balance while rounding out the 2018 year!  

David Greig
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii & Alaska

Email  Cell # (509)-850-6858

Ride Designs - Taking Greater Pride in Ride!

Ride continues to up their game when it comes to serving your needs as a customer in the custom seating market. Since the introduction of the RCC2 in 2017, Ride has dialed in their lead times and worked diligently to provide you with the highest quality service which is now at a level unparalleled in the market. 

Customer Service -responsive, educated and highly trained customer service staff at your fingertips!  Email:
or Call: 1-866-781-1633

This level of service has lead to an all-time low RA Rate of less than 10%! An amazing number given the complexity of custom seating!

Turnaround time for production once all pertinent information has been received is at 12-15 days max! (Dependent on Shipping)

RIDEWORKS & Ipad Update -Don't forget to show your App and Ipad some love and complete the IOS update from Apple, Rideworks update and while you are at it, update Adobe. 

Check out the updated order forms embedded within the Rideworks App. New Measurement sections have been added to account for cushion height at the leg trough so that you are able to dial-in that final fit with ease. 

So Long Corbac!

The famed Corbac is at the end of its road. This back will no longer be available after Dec 31, 2018. 


Want to learn more?      
Ride has produced a great series of support videos: 
Find them here!  Ride Video Library
Support that justification!  Ride Research

Key Ride Links: 

*NEW* 2019 Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Bodypoint - Kit yourself out for success!  
The Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit is a lifeline. 

Find yourself looking for a specific BP mounting attachment or stressing that you've ordered the wrong one? 


Grab a BP Hardware Mounting Kit and stay ahead of the game! 



Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.  

Nuprodx - Shower stall and apartment accessibility simplified

Same easy assembly, smooth track, but it rotates!?!
The multiCHAIR 6000RS is the go-to solution for those end users with shower stalls or a narrow bathroom set-up in an apartment or small home. 

Worth a look? contact TVH Mobility about seeing a demo of this awesome product. 

Check out the variety of cushion options! 

No Hole

One tool to assemble them all!

Hungry for more info? Download the handy   TVH Hotlink File

Email us to learn about many Nuprodx options. 

Thomashilfen - The Defender 3-in-1 

So easy to install...just watch! 
Defender 360° - Installation
Defender 360° - Installation

Also, check out the Thomashilfen Line of 
Therapeutic Mattresses

Don't forget to ask about our demo stock that we are selling off!
Thomashilfen has full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
Visit BBG
Beds By George -  Now representing in ID & MT!  
The team at BBG has signed TVH up as their reps in Idaho and Montana. We look forward to providing support in these great states. 

The Haven Bed, a safe sleeping environment with a softer side.
Check out all of the great Fabric Color options.  
Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 


1. Gel Covered Headrest

3. Adjustable Thigh Guides 

2. Gel Covered Swing-Away Laterals can handle up to 350 pounds of side pressure
4. Modular Arm with Elbow Support
5. Gel Calf Pad
6. Gel Covered Foot Plate

Have you seen the RIBCAP yet?  
Stylized protective headwear where fashion meets protection. 
Cotton Baseball
The Lenny -Merinowool and Coolmax wicking

Other Product Information
Gel Ovations Product Guide

Email us  for more information.

22" / 24"/ 25" & 26" Options!

Spinergy - Power when you need it! 

ZX-1 Website
The ZX-1 is a perfect fit for manual chair users who experience high rates of fatigue, need to negotiate hilly terrain or are encountering high volume of pushing. Attach the ZX-1, without any tools required and off they go! 

Don't forget about the new TC Stainless Steel Handrim? 
Sports Fans!  You can still show your team spirit with your  spokes and tires
Contact us for team discounts and pricing.  

Click here for the 

Find your local adaptive sport & recreation program

Upcoming Events! 

November 10/11
Bridge City Classic -Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, Beaverton, OR

December 1/2
Seattle Jam -Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, Seattle, WA

A comprehensive list of Adaptive Sport Groups in your state From How I Roll Sports
For Full List: Click Here

Catch up with localized programs searching for athletes, coaches & volunteers! 
 Oregon Adaptive Sports
Spokane: ParaSport Spokane    

Want to list your program or event here? Contact TVH Mobility to discuss

Need a TVH in-service, demos or literature? 
Fire us off a note and we'll see what we can do to help you out!
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