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This revamped TVH Mobility update seeks to deliver new product information, updates and details to help you deliver a better product experience to your end users. The TVH team looks forward to working with you on facilitating this. Feel free to reach out to David or Kipp to for information, support or demos.
The Java Back is a staple RIDE product. Pairs seamlessly with the Forward, Java, RCC2 or AccuSoft, the RJB is available in three heights and two depths. The 6" Deep back allows for supportive contour without the use of laterals. When the fit is dialed in, it helps support the load applied to sitting interface. Learn more about the complete line of Ride backs by following this link.

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The Levo C3 wheelchair is a market leading mid-wheel drive, low shear standing option. Focused on the standing wheelchair market, LEVO if focused on delivering end users quality, durability, functionality and great service.
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Check out this why stand? LEVO has some answers .
Scout Boss 675 Bariatric Wheelchair
from PaceSaver. Highly customizable, quality American made parts, and knowledgeable staff set this product apart from the competition.

Heavy duty tilt, a variety of seat configurations, elevating leg rests and many more options make the Boss 675 a go to option.

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Power when you need it!

The ZX-1 from Spinergy requires zero tools to attach and provides full joystick power which allows dynamic control, active breaking and it is totally programmable.

Make Gel a go-to option!
Finding the need for a more durable interface? Heavy duty laterals? Headrest with forehead stabilizer?
Foot-boxes & footplates? How about arm troughs?

The team at Gel Ovations and Falcon Rehab have many many options and the skills to customize.

As us about the Gel Ovations & Falcon Rehab Bulk Purchase Program
Bodypoint MD Harnesses
The Pivotfix, Stayflex and Trimline all come with the MD (Multi-Directional) Pull Straps. This great iteration of BP product allow you to swap the direction of pull vs having to order another set and help to finalize fittings quicker.

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