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Under New Ownership!

I am excited to announce that I have purchased TVH Mobility and am looking forward to growing our relationship! There are many exciting developments planned for the company that are all directed at providing you with greater level of service and continued quality of product lines. 

Onward and upward! 

David Greig
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii & Alaska

Cell # (509)-850-6858

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Beds By George BodyPoint  /  Nuprodx / Precision Seating Solutions
Ride Designs /  Rowheels Spinergy /  Thomashilfen
Ride Designs - Got the right tools? How about the right paperwork?

Ride has made a number of modifications to their order forms over the past months and year. Please update your files with the most recent edition. 

These can be found on the Ride Designs website by quickly clicking this link
The RCC2 is getting an upgrade! You love the passive convection (ventilation) of the Java Cushion. This great feature is now an option on the RCC2 to further enhance performance of this excellent product. It is now included on the RCC2 order form

Struggling with the new seat capture bag? 
Set-up and pre-shape
To sit as low as possible

Key Ride Links: 

Ride Designs Custom Certification Courses
Upcoming Dates:

Email us  for more information.
Nuprodx - Shower Stall? We've got the slider option for You!
Lots of folks are talking about the 6000RS
as the best option for small showers, apartments & homes.

Narrow entry? No Problem
Floor Threshold? No Problem
Toileting & Showering with one slick piece of equipment? No Problem

Slide into the shower and swivel to face the controls!

Problems Solved! 

Nuprodx has a simple tool to help solve bathroom access challenges. 
Click this link to access the Nuprodx Bathroom Fitting Guide

"While we have yet to find a bathroom we can't accommodate, 
a few simple measurements will insure the best fit of your chair." 

Email us to learn about many Nuprodx options. 

Bodypoint - Ankle Hugger Update
& 10 Myths about Postural Support!
Bodypoint has been a continual resource for quality products and education. 
Check out this great post about 10 Myths About Postural Support

New and improved Ankle Huggers! 
Ankle Hugger Download


Email us to learn about many Bodypoint options.  

Thomashilfen - A New Seat in Town

So long to the RECARO Performance Sport Reha Car Seat! 

Hello to the Defender...Coming March 2018!

If you have a Performance Sport Demo in your shop or office, please inform us and we'll make arrangements to get it upgraded! 

Are You aware of the Thomashilfen Hi-Lo Chassis option? 
Available for all of the  Thomashilfen Pediatric Wheelchairs (except the Swifty
an adaptor is needed for the tRide and EASys Advantage 


A great option for 
classroom / 
in-home setting. 

The EASyS Modular! 
For children with higher level positioning needs. 

Don't forget about the full lines of 

Email us  to find out more       
Visit BBG
Beds By George - We Dare You to Compare  

What is a safety bed? What are the 7 zones of entrapment?
Beds by George nicely answers this and more on their website. 
Click below Ol' George to be taken there now. 

Dream Series
Slumber Series with High Side Door

Wonder how the safe and easy high side door works?  Check this short video out.  

There are many options in the safety bed market. We feel that Beds by George adds a personal touch and level of service that is unparalleled in the market. 

Click here to be taken to the full line of BBG Safety Beds

Your greatest safety bed resource, 

*Not represented in Idaho & Montana
Rowheels - Evidence Based Outcomes

Learn More Here
Rowheels In-Service Video
Rowheels In-Service Video

Spinergy ZX-1 -Accessorize!

The ZX-1 Power Add-On option is becoming well known for its versatility and ease of use. 
There are many options to benefit a wide variety of users. 

T-Bar Knob
Softball Knob

Armrest Extension

Lithium Battery

Boom Lift
Knobby Tires

Travel Case

Travel Case

Sportsfans! Show your team spirit with your spokes

Email us to find out more! 

Heading to ISS? 
Thinking of heading to ISS in Vancouver? Let us know and we'll work with you to get some time with any of our quality manufacturers.  

Need demos or literature? 
Drop us a note and we'll see what we can do to help you out!

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