Graphic by Queens Community House
TWEET NOW - Thank you @NYCSpeakerCoJo

This Thursday is the day of the last City Council budget hearing and then budget negotiations begin. Together, let's make a final push for the City Council and Speaker Corey Johnson to prioritize funding for the human services sector!


Thank you @NYCSpeakerCoJo for championing the human services sector in every stage of budget negotiations! Let’s bring this home and secure vital investments for community-based human services nonprofits! #YearOfTheCBO

Under the leadership of @NYCSpeakerCoJo, the @NYCCouncil called for a $106 million investment to combat the underfunding of the human services sector! Let’s fight together to ensure this funding is not left on the negotiation table! #YearOfTheCBO

From the beginning, @NYCSpeakerCoJo took a stand against the FY20 budget being balanced on the backs of human services providers. Thank you for uplifting the institutions that make our city strong! #YearOfTheCBO

It takes true leadership to fight to undo years of chronic underfunding in our communities! Thank you @NYCSpeakerCoJo and @NYCProgressives for supporting crucial investments in community-based human services nonprofits. #YearOfTheCBO

"At the very least, the latest "NYC Under 3" proposal, which was introduced in the state Legislature, and a rising crop of policymakers are giving more attention than ever to the issues surrounding contracting in the social services." Read more

HSC is excited that our recent efforts are shedding light on human services contracting issues.

Thank you to our members, partners, and everyone who has participated in City advocacy this season!