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Special Issue: 2020 Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events - 2020
In this issue: It's that time of year! THIS issue is devoted to announcing the
2020 Calendar of Events...so,
get out your calendar and save the date - see you at the Arboretum!
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2020 Calendar of Events...SAVE the DATE
(all events at the Arboretum unless otherwise noted)

~ March ~
6th, 4:30pm: Arboretum Photography Exhibit; Davis Gallery, Centennial Hall
20th - 22nd, various times: Southeast Alaska Garden Conference; Centennial Hall

~ May ~
9th, 9:00am: Plant Sale; Safeway Parking Lot
16th, during visitor hours:  A Day of Primula
23rd, during visitor hours:  Alaska Public Gardens Day

~ June ~
6th, 9:00am - 2:00pm:  Docent Training
(preregistration required for Docent Training - details later this year)
13th, 11:00 - Noon:  Children's Program 1; program details to come

~ July ~
11th, 11:00 - Noon: Children's Program 2; program details to come
18th, Noon - 2:30pm: Combined Annual Picnic: Juneau Garden Club,
Friends of Jensen - Olson Arboretum, and Juneau Chapter American Primrose Society

~ August ~
8th, 1:00 - 4:00pm:  Children's Program - BugDay!
(preregistration required for BugDay! - details later this year)

~ Other Dates TBD ~
TBD: FJOA party to recognize and celebrate Life Members
(this event open to FJOA Life Members only - details later this year)

TBD: adult education program
(registration required for this event - details later this year)

Look for flyers at the Arboretum and
around town - and to future issues of TWIGS - with all the details
for the 2020 events.
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