5:30pm - 7:00pm
Consciousness Circle
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with the ... OOHHHHhhhh ...
There is Big NEWS!

511 Brookside is housing a new business and you can read all about it HERE!!
WE OPEN 11/2/2020

AND then.... there's THE Event Center... Wellness Center... on a HILL~TOP...
Soon... very soon... we will be rolling out the very amazing details... including where, what and ... how you can participate!
Even Consciousness Circle is going to be a part of
Flow Integrative Events @ HILL~TOP!

Please keep connected and know the VISION is SUPERNOVA BIG...

Consciousness Circle

FOR OCTOBER... share in a powerful and intimate setting for a DEPTH DISCUSSION and LEARNING on Transcending Obstacles. Have you found yourself stuck? Tired from Covid? Feeling Deplete? Depressed? Lost your passion? Don't know how to balance or move forward? Have you been wondering how to let go of Grief, Anger or Loss? Transcendence is the way forward and we will decipher the process together...

Join ME!

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Please watch this short clip to grasp how much this month will afford us in our comprehension and deep dive:

It's a BIG space for an intimate group of conscious BE-ings.
During circle, WE will watch pre-selected clips from Dr. Hawkins as he walks us through a journey of what get us into these difficulties and how we can transcend and re-ignite.

Please wear your mask into the building and meditation room. It will not be required during the circle unless it provides safety. There will be no tables but pre-treated chairs will be provided.