If you read Part 1 of this article, here it is...my Bird Story! If you haven’t, this is a recounting of the personal experiences that convinced me past lives and everything that goes with them is real.

In 1982, I was completing a contentious divorce, living with Linda Prevost (destined to become Linda Brady). I was working as a school psychologist and practicing as a Past Life Regressionist on the side, as Linda developed her practice in Astrology. I was seeing my son Matthew every 2 weeks for the weekend. On a Sunday afternoon, I was returning home from taking Matt back to his mother’s house. I was driving along a country two lane road. I was going around 45 miles per hour. I was driving an old Volkswagen bug. The original design that had no air conditioning or other amenities. It was an unusually hot fall that year. It was rainy and humid, as only Baltimore can be. So, I had both of windows rolled down about six inches. In the old Volkswagens, you could wind the passenger side window down without even leaning to that side of the car! I drove by a cemetery that sat fifty yards off the road on my right. There was a line of very tall Abor Vitae trees between the road and the gravesites. As I approached the cemetery, I was aware of birds coming and going from those trees in the periphery of my vision. As it turns out, a bird literally tried to fly into the open passenger side window. At 45 miles per hour, the bird clearly misjudged its flight path just a little....Read more