NEWSLETTER - Volume 3 - Issue 12 - December 18, 2020
Our Mission: To provide, with reverence, practical karmic astrological information
to help our readers with significant life issues concerning
relationships, work and personal/spiritual growth.

Today the planet Saturn journeys into the sign of Aquarius and
is joined by Jupiter in Aquarius on December 20, 2020.
This aspect creates the Christmas Star that I write about below. 
I'll be writing more about Saturn in Aquarius in the 2 1/2 years to come. For now, pay attention to the personal symbols that represent Aquarius to you.
by Linda Brady

Many of you have read about the Christmas Star, which is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurring on December 20 and 21, 2020. Together they create a brilliant star in the heavens in the constellation of Capricorn. It begins on 12/20/2020 and is still shining on 12/21/20, which is the Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year. Being an amateur historian and astrologer, I researched when this particular aspect occurred in history. I believe Jesus was born in April 6 BC when there was another conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. Uranus and Mercury were in the heavens at that time also. His birth signified the beginning of the Age of Pisces which would last for 2,000 years.

Seven Hundred and Ninety-Four years ago in mid-February (which is the time of Aquarius) of 1226, Saturn and Jupiter came together at 0 degrees Aquarius. On December 20 and 21, 2020 this conjunction is again at 0 degrees Aquarius. The synchronicity of this is very profound and significant.

In 1226, Louis became a child King of France at the death of his father. He was a refined, cultivated Christian man who was loyal and fair to all his subjects. He created equitable third options in his dealings with other feudal kings. He chose to balance fairness and justice. Stories are told that he held court outside under a great oak tree where all were welcome. If they had a concern, he would find ways to solve it. King Louis' reign was one of comparative peace. He would become the paragon of kingship for later medieval Frenchmen and leaders. He was an Aquarian leader! Now all of us can become Aquarian leaders as we honor the sacred triangle of mind, body, and soul.

I believe the Winter Solstice conjunction this year is another portal into the Age of Aquarius. Please pay close attention to the daily symbols that will represent the energy of Aquarius to you. Review my book, Discovering Your Soul Mission – New Rules for a New Age to check out more information about the age that continues to become apparent.
Have a Blessed Powerful Daily Meditation
by Linda Brady

This blessed Christmas season, after so many challenges, is a year that has caused so much pain and fear, I have decided to honor Mary...the Divine encourage love and faith for the new year. To me, she is the symbol of the divine feminine that becomes the divine Mother to the sacred child. Mary is the physical embodiment of the sanctity of earth through which spirit can manifest. She joins with many other archetypes of the Great Mother – Eve, Demeter, and Isis to name a few. In each case the Great Mother became the manifestation of the divine feminine principle that gave birth to a god force that she loved and nurtured. As with all archetypes, this divine feminine principle is within us all, male and female...Read more  

To welcome, embrace and explore the beginnings of the Age of Aquarius, Michael Brady and Richard Hoshal
will be co-hosting a podcast, beginning next year! 

They will be interviewing holistic guests for inspiring and exciting conversations to help their listeners navigate this important time. 

They want the podcast to be personal and significant for their listeners. 
To do that they request that you, our readers, send in topics and questions you would like discussed. Send them to
by Michael Brady
Christmas 2020 - The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

As we come to the end of “the year of clear seeing,” things seem muddier than ever! In the beginning of the year people were becoming more and more angry. Divisiveness and extremism were on the rise. Remember? Then the dreaded Wuhan virus appeared, affectionately known as COVID-19 now.  In March, we all replaced the anger with fear. We became afraid of dying from the new flu from China. We went into isolation and mask wearing. Both things made it exceedingly difficult to engage in conflict, arguing, fighting, or otherwise engaging with our fellow human beings. Currently I see some people expressing intense fear. I see others expressing intense anger. Some people are shifting back and forth. One feeling cancelling the other, over and over.

And so, we enter the time of peace on earth, good will to all men…Christmas. Seems incongruent does it not?...Read more 
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