November 2021 Phase 2 Launched!
Our kid-friendly agriculture website has expanded with 67 NEW sections, MORE student activities, MORE teacher lesson plans, and MORE incredible content for Grades 3 to 7 students to learn about where food comes from! Take a look, visit!
Where Beef Comes From (EN/FR)
GRADE 3 | Careers, PAA, Sci
Students learn about beef production in Saskatchewan, including different steps in producing, growing and manufacturing beef. Printed and digital versions available!

Middle Years DNA Extraction
GRADES 7 TO 9 | Careers, Sci
A hands-on activity and experiment for extracting and separating DNA using strawberries. You will receive all of the activity materials, and learning information to connect back to agriculture.

thinkAG Career Case (EN/FR)
GRADES 9 TO 12 | Careers, Hlth, PAA, Sci, SS
A gamified learning experience where students explore their personal interests and learn about the diversity and importance of careers in agriculture.

Growing Green
GRADES 10 TO 12 | ELA, Sci, SS
An interactive, digital resource for students to explore climate change, investigate the impact on agriculture, and must propose solutions to help farmers mitigate or adapt to the changes.

Little Green Sprouts
GRADES K TO 3 | Province-wide

A classroom garden where students grow microgreens, lettuce, herbs and more over the span of a couple weeks! Inspire hands-on learning and inquiry into seeds, nutrition, soil science, plant needs, how food is grown and more!
thinkAG Virtual Career Expo
GRADES 9 TO 12 | Province-wide

Students explore careers in agriculture with presentations from industry experts who discuss their pathway into the agriculture industry, the skills required, and what their job looks like. Accompanying classroom kits tie the connection to careers in agriculture.
#thinkAG 30 Day Career Month Challenge
We're challenging your Grades 7 to 12 classrooms to complete the #thinkAG 30 Day Challenge, that will encourage your students to find their purpose-driven career! Available in English and French!
Agriculture Student Scholarship
For students who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is proudly offering a $4,000 grand-prize, and 3 additional $2,000 runner-up scholarships. Apply by March 31.