It is Spring, it is May, and the season starts with art shows in Ellensburg and Ritzville, Washington  

 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 19,20,21st The Ellensburg National Fine Art Show at the Ellensburg Event Center (the fairgrounds).  Admission is free to the show, lots of free parking, and wonderful artwork.  No longer just Western art, but a whole range of fine art styles and subjects.  Art auction tickets available too.

The very next weekend, the Ritzville Art In The Park, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May
 26, 27, and 28.  The Park is located right at the I 90 exit so we couldn't be easier to find.  Free admission and parking and right near all the restaurants and fast food when you need a break.  Again, lots of quality art, so if you are traveling that weekend, plan to take a break and stop in and see the show.
Since I started getting involved with The Carousel of Smiles project in Sandpoint, my mind has been on these horses.  And ten weeks ago while looking for something else, I found a tooled wax of an old edition that had never been cast.  I couldn't resist sending it to the foundry.  It is a limited edition of only twelve, and this is number 11.
It is 14 " tall, polychrome over patina, and such great fun to complete.
Remember the delight of your childhood and take him home for  $1800.00
And yes, I still ride a carousel horse any chance I get.

I've always loved Unicorns.  Fantasy is fun, it stretches the imagination with so many "What if" possibilities and the dreams that good and right and virtue win out in the end are hopes to hold on to.  And beauty is always valid just for itself.

VIRTUE, a limited edition of 20, 15 1/4 " tall at the tip of his polished bronze horn.  And this sculpture is number 1 of 20.



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