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                Issue 15  | June   2015


Educational Insight Inc. Offers College Readiness Training to Students

Educational Insight Inc. serves school systems, school districts, and Educational Service Centers (ESC) in the areas of addressing "at risk," or "high risk" students by promoting college readiness and leadership building among participants.

"Educational Insight has collaborations with the Texas State University School of Social Work and the Center for P-16 Initiatives on the Texas State University campus," said R. Stephen Medel, founder and Executive Director. 

This summer, Educational Insight will be facilitating over 30 college readiness and leadership trainings with local students.



Project GRAD Houston Closes 

Graduation Gaps

Project GRAD Houston (GRAD) works with high schoolers to promote college and career readiness across the Houston area. The program does this by partnering with 
K-12, Community, and Higher Education institutions.

"Our research tells us that students will point to a person and their relationship with that individual as making a significant contribution to their ability to stay on track or to get past a specific barrier. GRAD might fill this role directly or indirectly, which is why our partnerships within a college or university can be so important." said President and CEO, Ann Stiles.

Project GRAD has worked diligently on closing the gaps in four different college readiness areas: aspirations/access, awareness, experience, and college completion.

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Educational Insight Inc. 
Offers College Readiness Training  to Students

Project Grad Houston Closes Graduation Gaps

College and Career Readiness Headlines

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College and Career Readiness Headlines
Spotlight Events
THECB Data and Digital Tools
San Antonio, Texas
Monday, June 29, 2015

Houston, Texas
July 14-15, 2015

Teaching College Prep Math
Lubbock, Texas
July 20, 2015

Bridges to Success Summit
Victoria, Texas
October 16 - 17, 2015

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