April 2019
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With more than a million hits annually on our website and nearly 70,000 e-news subscribers, we are pleased to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities available to organizations wishing to reach school leaders across Texas who support Friends of Texas Public Schools. 

For information on getting your organization's message out to Friends of Texas Public Schools followers and readers, please email Jennifer Storm.  

Texas economically disadvantaged population has highest graduation rate in US when compared to peers

The Texas economically disadvantaged student population, which amounts to 60% of total statewide enrollment in our public schools, has the highest graduation rate in America at 85.6% when compared to the the economically disadvantaged student populations in every other state. Great things are happening in Texas Public Schools!

Dear Friends,
As we enter the heart of "Testing Season," the reputations of our local neighborhood public schools can be damaged or  e nhanced based on a grade compiled from results of a state controlled test.  This is the time we must work extra hard to support and tell the story of all the great things happening on each of these campuses. 
In the Raise Your Hand Texas Public Perception Poll (published Jan. 2019), 71.6% of those polled oppose standardized testing like STAAR as a measure of accountability for our public schools. Many school districts are involved in a more holistic approach through a community-based form of accountability. Friends of Texas Public Schools agrees there is more to the accomplishments of a school district than a single letter grade based on a student's ability to score on a test. Each neighborhood school MUST communicate all the great things happening through all forms of media, and most importantly, personal testimonies of informed business and community leaders.
Great things ARE happening in our neighborhood public schools and WE MUST continue to tell our story! 

Thank you,

Blake W. Cooper
Executive Director
Friends of Texas Public Schools

p.s. Create a Culture of Voting by voting in every election!  Early voting is April 22 - 30 and Election Day is May 4th. 

We know districts are limited on resources and time, and therefore we're working with partners to determine how we can help you market all the great things you do and to equip you with tools to make it easier on your staff.  This 6 question, less than 10 minute survey will help us understand priorities and interest. Our goal is to serve your district in helping to promote and engage the community about
your schools.  Please click on this link  here   for the survey. 
Thanks for all you do!
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You are invited to nominate honorees for consideration by the Friends of Texas Public Schools board for the Friend of the Year Award to be presented at our annual Friend of the Year Gala on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 in Waco. Deadline is April 31, 2019.

The Friend of the Year Award was established to honor those rare individuals from the private sector and organizations who step up as champions for those who learn and work in our schools. Honorees clearly see beyond the sensational headlines and often negative politics and understand that the success of Texas public education is everyone's business.   

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We know that great things are happening every day on the campuses of our neighborhood public schools. Please send your district's stories to us and we will share on our social media.



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