May 2015
Issue: #31

Kaliji's recent tour included a weekend program and a 3-day
Level 4 Intensive in Munich, Germany, three days in Moscow with over 100 flow-ers from 12 cities in Russia and Ukraine, and then a 3-day visit to Barnaul to celebrate 20 years of 
TriYoga in Siberia.

In Moscow, there was an "All-Russia and Ukraine Dinner" with representatives from many of the cities present: each person stood up and told of their connection to TriYoga and their transformations.  


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May 22-25: Kripalu,  Lenox, MA
August 2-6:  Chieming-HartGermany
August 7-13:  Bad Meinberg, Germany
August 14-17:  Brienz, Switzerland
August 28-30: Yogaville, VA

June 11-14:  Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong
September 19-26: China Yoga Summit for TriYoga, Dalian

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~Message from Yogini Kaliji~

On this recent full moon, Narasimha Jayanti, 
was in Siberia celebrating
2 0 years of TriYoga being taught there.   
TriYoga Teacher, Ananda, was the first to teach TY in Siberia.   Now we have a thriving TY Community.   
I just returned to Orange County for a week then 
traveling yoga continues:)  

In 2004, on a morning walk in Switzerland, Sri Swamiji pointed to his hand as He drew an imaginary circle saying,   'you will go around the world many times as if it were a small town'. The prediction instantly began to come true.  
Suddenly I was being asked to various countries to bring TriYoga. Since that day until Apr 12, 2015, I have taught TriYoga in 24 countries and visited 29 
for a total of 680 flights, 
1,212,700 miles, which equals 
nearly 49 times around the planet.   
(This does not include the recent trip to Germany & Russia.) 

In 2004, there were five TriYoga Centers.   
Now, there are  56 TriYoga Centers & Communities  worldwide. The Teacher Training staff has trained and
certified over 1400 teachers.    

Ah, is magic when the two worlds come together and only the flow remains ...

~ OM ~

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Around the World

Gina finished a Basics Teacher Training at the TYC in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China and then flowed into a Level 1 TT.

Across town, the D's began a Level 2 Teacher Training at the TYC in the Bao'An District.
Kiki continues a Basics through Level 2 Training in Xi'An, China (Santoshi will travel there later this month for certifications). DJ will travel to north to present TriYoga at a Beijing Yoga Conference, and to offer workshops at TYC Beijing.

Eva-Maria travels now to Kyoto, Japan to give TriYoga classes at Tamisa Yoga Studio, to complete the first Basics Teacher Training there, and to present at the Yoga Smile Conference

Nandi is in Europe for Basics and Level 2 certification weeks, as well as workshops in Anatomy in the Flow and TriYoga Therapeutics.  

TriYoga teacher Silke Dale recently moved to La Ecovilla in Costa Rica and offers 2 classes a week in this unique community.   
And at a recent TriYoga Family Day in Taidong, Taiwan, 
the flow-ers there sent Kaliji an invitation. Click here to see their movie, welcoming Kaliji to flow to Taidong!
Kaliji will visit this shining group to open Taiwan's second TriYoga Center.
In Sweden, Level 2 teacher Ida and her husband Daniel welcomed daughter Uma Devani on 
March 10th.
on March 24th, TriYo ga teachers Nada and Nadi (Mark & Corin) welcomed twin boys Caleb and Kiran to their family, and have recently moved to Orange County.

In Remembrance

Beloved "temple tiger" Sara Devi left her body on April 25th, just as Kaliji was leaving for her tour of Germany and Russia. She was a dignified, elegant, and loving friend to all those who knew her. 

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Watch Sri Swamiji's movie Nada Brahma -- immerse yourself in healing sound and 
beautiful images.
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Cashew Cheese

8 0 g (about 1/2 cup) cashew nuts (optional to soak 1-2 hours in water)
200 ml (about 1 cup) water 
2 Tablespoons Psyllium seed husks (soaked 15 min. in water)
1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice
a pinch of salt

Blend all together fully, then spread into a pan or plastic container and refrigerate until firm.

Chop onto salad, slice into wraps or sandwiches, or eat alone!

Submitted by Ekaterina in Vienna

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