Birthday 2015                                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALIJI!
Issue: #30
Special Birthday Edition!

This April, YOGINI KALIJI completes another 12-year cycle 
in this birth, and  KALIJI traveled to Australia, bringing 
with  her  the PURNA yoga experience that is TRIYOGA.  
The highlight of the tour was encounters with  Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, who was in  Australia to give 
a concert at the famed Sydney Opera House.

After the concert, Sri Swamiji was presented with his second Guinness Book of World Records Award-- this one for the largest Music Therapy session!  The concert had more than 1800 attendees participating in healing and meditation.

The TriYoga group included people from USA, 
India,  Russia, Germany, and Australia.
KALIJI's Australia trip included workshops at the Kewarra 
Beach Resort and a three-day retreat at Mission Beach,  where 
the Australian Rain Forest meets the Great Barrier Reef. TriYoga Teacher Dagmar Hirsch gathered students from her own community and beyond to join the fabulous flow of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, along with chanting, meditation and jnana.
~ Message from Yogini Kaliji ~

  I have just returned from a wonderful visit to Australia and New Zealand. Little did I know in 1991 when I had three dreams in a week with Sri Swamiji, telling me to come to Australia, it would evolve into this. I had only met Sri Swamiji one year prior in Santa Cruz, CA on April 30, 1990. I had 
no further communication with Sri Swamiji until the series 
of trinity dreams emerged. Sure enough, I was being told
in  Sri Swamiji's magical way to join Him in Australia.
 It was my first time traveling to see Sri Swamiji. 
Swami Manasa Datta was the only one from the Mysore ashrama accompanying Sri Swamiji. 
While walking toward the beach, a few young guys 
yelled  out to us, "What is your religion?" I think they were 
laughing at the way we were dressed in yoga-type clothes. 
Sri Swamiji replied "Music."  
This was the perfect answer. 
They appeared to understand too. Their questions ceased. 
While walking along the beach, Sri Swamiji said,  
"There is a gift from Datta in the ocean."  Suddenly, 
Sri Swamiji flipped the coins out of the sand with His toes. Three of us received a coin! Each coin had a picture engraved of either Dattatreya, Lakshmi, or Ganapati. We chanted Datta Stava. We could feel strong energy present. From this beginning in Australia to the present day where, on April 6, 2015, a full hall witnessed Sri Swamiji perform at the Sydney Opera House is a great flow. I feel fortunate to have been part of it. Sri Swamiji was accompanied by master musicians. The musical genius Dr. L. Subramaniam 
played his unique violin sounds to Sri Swamiji's beautiful, healing melodies. The Celestial Message Troupe and other guest musicians demonstrated excellent musicianship.  

I was in the flow to have had my moon birthday (position 
of moon exactly the same as when you took birth) and 
sun birthday during the Australia and New Zealand tour. 
It expanded over 5 days! With this birthday another 
12-year cycle has completed on Earth. It is a significant 
time for anyone beginning their next 12-year cycle.   

In Vedic, Chinese, and Greek astrology, there is a focus on 
a 12-year and/or a 12-month cycle through the Zodiac signs.   In Chinese astrology the 60th year is of high importance  as they  multiply 12 by 5 (elements). A person's 60th year begins a very special new cycle. I know many TriYogis entering 
their 60th year. Prepare by looking inside to discover 
what  you're destined to do in this next grand cycle. 
After the 60th birthday a person begins a new life.   

I leave this week for Germany and Russia. Looking forward to seeing the TriYogis and the new friends that are inspired to attend for their first TriYoga experience.   

Jai Lakshmi ~ best wishes,

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Swamiji Concert
Mission Beach Retreat
Message from Yogini Kaliji
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Animal Friends
Nature Darshana
Kaliji in Cairns
Play Yoga
Vegan Cake

Kaliji also got to meet some new animal friends-- koalas and kangaroos! Members of the group also saw an endangered cassowary, many different rare and exotic birds, possums, even giant lizards and spiders!
Nature Darshana
Kaliji and the TriYoga group also explored some of Australia's beautiful natural environments, including the SkyTrail to the rainforest, snorkeling on the
Great Barrier Reef, a visit to Dunk Island, and several walks through Sydney's Botanical Gardens.
  Upcoming Programs with KALIJI

April 24-26:  All-Levels Workshop, Munich, Germany
April 27-29: Level 4, Munich, Germany
May 1-3: Moscow, Russia
May 4-6: Barnaul, Siberia
May 22-25: Kripalu, Lenox, MA
June 11-14: Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong 
August 2-6: Chieming-Hart, Germany
August 7-13: Bad Meinberg, Germany
August 14-17: Brienz, Switzerland
August 28-30: Yogaville, VA
Sept 19-26: China Yoga Summit, Dalian, China

For all programs  with KALIJI and 
the  TYTT with Senior Level Teachers
check the TriYoga Calendar.

Play Yoga
Kaliji brings fun wherever SHE goes!  From the welcome party with fresh tropical coconuts to an impromptu dance party on a bridge in Sydney, KALIJI reminds all those with her that every moment is a chance for a joyful FLOW!
Birthday Cake

No birthday celebration is complete without a beautiful 
vegan birthday cake! Kaliji's was from Viva Cupcakes 
in Sydney, which made a custom " trinity layer" 
cake  with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!

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