August 2015
Issue: #35

Kaliji spent the full moon of August at Yogaville in Virginia.
Thirty flow-ers from around the country joined fo r a weekend 
of flows, prana vidya and jnana in the peaceful countryside. 

From some of the participants:
"This lifted my spirits--I will be back."
"I loved every minute--it exceeded my expectations."
"This was an experience straight from heaven!"

Upcoming Programs with KALIJI

September 12  Live Online 
September 21-25   China Yoga Expo  
October 9-11  Philadelphia, PA
October 12  TYC Boston, MA
TBA  Portland, OR

Celebrate TriYoga 36 
December 23-January 4   India
January 22-24  TYC Santa Cruz, CA

For all programs  with KALIJI and  senior-level teachers
check the TriYoga Calendar.
Chant Club

Participants at the TY retreat in Bad Meinberg, Germany 
were given a special treat this year with the new nada experience. Chant Club ® members Kaliji, Mercury Max, 
tabla player Prasann Salkar and guitarist Bernie Beibl 
played nightly--over 100 people from TriYoga  and
the Yoga Vidya communities joined satsang 
for  the amazing immersion in sound.

Level 3 Around the World

This summer brought the completion of two Level 3 
teacher trainings in Europe: in Bern, Switzerland 
and  at  TYC Allershausen in Germany.

This autumn, John & Santoshi offer the first 5-series 
Level 3 teacher training in China, at TYC Shenzhen in Bao'An.

At  TYC Santa Cruz, Nandi & Tarini will lead 
a Level 3  ten-day intensive January 29-February 7.  
TriYoga Taiwan
TriYoga Center TaoYuan, Taiwan organizes day trips, "TriYoga Family Day", nature tours and TriYoga Flows. They love to Skype with TriYoga family around the world! If you or your TYC are interested in joining a TriYoga Family Day, email

Message from Kaliji
Hope you join the mantra flow ~~~

This week I completed 6 months of TY Tours! 
Now I will  have some free time to add more rounds  of Hanuman Chalisa  each day. :)  Oh wait! I am presently 
in Kentucky at HAMSA, the creative center for TYI 
and  will leave in 2 weeks for China.  Ok, I better start 
chanting now as soon as I write this message to you!    

News break!  TriYogis have chanted Hanuman Chalisa 
over 121,000 times! And the total count so far is more 
than  6 BILLION worldwide.  There is still time to join !    

This is a great opportunity to experience why millions
 have proclaimed the power of chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Exploring a new language has never been more fun. :) Hanuman Chalisa is in Hindi!  The charming rhythmic 
lyrics with Sri Swamiji's energizing melody are a perfect 
combination for joyful chanting.   Maybe the following 
story will inspire  you to the merits  of 
chanting Hanuman Chalisa.    

Sharing TriYoga


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China Yoga Summit
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TriYoga Life in Taiwan
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TriYoga Nature Retreat
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TriYoga Tour in China
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Basics TT in Berlin
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TriYoga Nature Retreat

On August 15, TriYoga Center Brovary (Ukraine) organized 
a TriYoga workshop in nature. Twenty-six participants--TriYoga teachers, students and new friends of all ages--joined a flow led by TriYoga teachers Maya and Natalia. All loved the immersion into peaceful flow while enjoying the scent of conifer trees, the light breeze, and the warm sunshine. The Brovary group is already planning their next TriYoga Flow in nature.

Seven Herb Tea

Enjoy this energizing  blend of herbs from  Chef MD Vegan  

Pour 1.5 liters boiling water over 3 inches of thinly sliced ginger root, 1 unpeeled lemon, 1/2 inch turmeric (or 1 tsp powder), 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp aniseed, 4-5 dried stevia leaves and 5-6 black pepper corns. The longer brewed, the better. Can also be used for a second pot. 

TriYoga Tour in China

TriYoga teacher Kiki recently went on a tour of TriYoga Centers and communities 
in China. From July 4 to 
August 10 she traveled 
to nine different cities. 
Most events were organized by  local teachers and students and many of them said the TriYoga classes were the biggest and most popular workshops! More photos from the 9-city tour!

Sharing TriYoga
TY Teacher Mantrini recently shared TriYoga with her visiting 11-year-old grandniece. Mantrini writes:        "[she is a] classical ballet dancer just recently on point, [and I showed her] the Eka-Hasta-Pada Mudra as a way of keeping her feet flexible. (Dancers have terribly stressed feet.) She was interested and so I opened the TriYoga website to show her the video of Kaliji's Devi Dance so she could see Kaliji intertwine her toes. She was fascinated. Two days ago Leah called to tell me that they got the TriYoga DVDs that I had sent but that Sophie had gone on her own to the website and was copying Kaliji's flow!"
New Basics Teacher 
Training in Berlin
Senior-level teacher Urvasi Leone begins a new Basics Teacher Training at the Yoga Akademie Berlin, October 16th.

Visit the website or contact her directly for information or to join.
TY Teacher Training at TYC Santa Cruz

Level 1 (150-hour) begins Sept 11.  Week end sessions every month from September to June, 2016. Join part or all--deepen your practice or prepare for certification.
Level 2 10-day intensive September 18-27, 2015

Level 3 10-day intensive Jan. 29-Feb. 7, 2016
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