Guru Purnima 2015
Issue: #34

Yogini Kaliji traveled this month to Dallas for the opening of the new Hanuman Temple, recently inaugurated by Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji will be in residence at the temple for 40 days.Visit the temple website for an overview and for program listings. Video broadcasts of the programs can be viewed on Livestream at Yoga Sangeeta.

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increase inner peace with mantra.
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Guru Purnima Message


This is one of the most auspicious celebrated holy days in India and for all who follow the Vedic Way. The original guru of the Vedas is credited to Vyasa, the prolific writer(s). 
Since a large body of philosophy is thought to have been written by Vyasa, scholars often suggest there were more than one 'Vyasa'. 
Jyotish astrology chooses the full moon in July to honor the universal teachings, teacher(s), and Guru. 


There are three types of seekers ...

1. The one who is unaware of the ageless truth.

2. The one who yearly celebrates Guru Purnima.

3. The one who strives to embody the essence daily.


The aim is to discover the inner guru.   

This is the meaning of Guru Purnima.    

To feel the sublime vibrations of wisdom enlightening your mind; to feel a direct connection with your true Self;

to feel the compassionate heart.  

 Guru is your very Self. Guru is God; 

the generator, organizer, destroyer (of ignorance).    

The Guru that is formless but so pure that It can take any form to excite our devotion to awaken.   


Let us celebrate the Divine Consciousness ~ 

that is beyond name, yet you may call It any Name.   

Guru answers to any Name as long as it is empowered with devotion. Guru Purnima is not only a fixed time each year on the full moon in July, it is the astrological setting to support this realization and to maximize the Guru Tattva understanding.


May you strive to learn and live the universal Truth.

Victory to Yoga and dhanyavaad (Thank You) to all the Teachers & Gurus that have lit our path with the purest of all philosophies ~ Y O G A.


~ Yogini Kaliji


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TriYoga Central Pennsylvania has moved to a new hOMe in Boalsburg. Classes began last week and Santoshi will go in August for a workshop.

Watermelon Cooler
A sweet and simple drink for the summer days.

Take watermelon, cubed, fresh or frozen, and blend with ice. Add some lemon or lime juice and fruit to garnish.

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Esssential oils are used therapeutically to support physical and emotional health, to shift mental awareness and to create spiritual ambience. From cleansing to nourishing, may the essential oils find their place in our daily lives.
TriYoga now offers ten different essential oils, chosen by Kaliji and imported from India.
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