June 2015
Issue: #32

Kaliji made her annual visit to Kripalu in western
Massachusetts May 22-25. As always, TriYoga students
and teachers from throughout the USA joined with those experiencing the magic  of TriYoga for the first time.
The flowing, glowing energy  invigorated all!

Read more about Kaliji's recent trips in the TriYoga News.


 as we chant Hanuman Chalisa -- 
and move towards Sri Swamiji's goal
of  7 BILLION repetitions.

New TriYoga teachers around the world!  

8 new Basics teachers in Traunstein, Germany New Basics teachers at TYC Nanshan (Shenzhen)   

and at OCT Loft Shenzhen

New Level 2 teachers at TYC Bao'An (Shenzhen)

The first TriYoga teachers in Japan

New Level 2 teachers at TYC K?nigstein

New Level 1 and Level 2 teachers in Xi'an, China

The last weekend of the year-long Basics teacher training at  TYC Santa Cruz

~ Message from Yogini Kaliji ~

As I head off on this present tour to Asia,  I am reminded
of my first purchase  in this life,  around 5 years of age.
Chinese dolls were listed  in the TV guide and
was  excited!  I secretly saved  my allowance and
ordered  the  wire-necked dolls with movable heads.
My mother  never could  understand  how  I knew how
to  cut out the  address  and include  my  coins
in  a self-addressed envelope. 

I treasured my two Chinese dolls. 

Similarly, I treasure the TriYogis and our many friends 
living  in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  We look forward 
to  being with many of them  on this tour. In September, 
I will return to China to be main presenter at a large yoga conference sponsored by EPE, the Chinese government. There is strong interest by EPE to show how compatible TriYoga is with the Tai Chi culture in China. Thus, they will encourage the practice of  TriYoga among their people. 

So, who knows why my first desire to purchase
something was from China, or maybe it was 
the intuitive flow guiding Bala Kaliji:) 

Please join us in Dalian, China this coming September.    

~ OM ~

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Message from Yogini Kaliji
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Upcoming Programs with KALIJI

June 28

August 2-6
August 7-13 
Bad Meinberg, Germany
August 14-17
Brienz, Switzerland
August 28-30
Yogaville, VA

June 11-14
Hong Kong
September 21-25
for TriYoga, Dalian

Journey to India in December! 

For all programs  with KALIJI and  senior-level teachers
check the TriYoga Calendar.
Around the World

Bern-based TriYoga teacher Amira just brought a group of
15 guests from 6 countries to southern Egypt for a Dolphin Cruise-- each day began with  a sunrise session of Pranayama, TriYoga Flows and yoga nidra, followed by swimming with dolphins, and then an evening session of relaxing TriYoga Flows. 
Amira writes:
"We were received by countless number of 
Dolphins sensing our 
beautiful state  of spirit, radiating Calmness, 
Peace & Love after 
the TriYoga sessions!"
Contact Amira for more information about these 
unique journeys.

Kateryna Bilyk recently presented four sessions of TriYoga at Rimini Wellness, a conference in Italy with more than 200,000 participants.

In addition  to the recent 
Basics Teacher Training 
at  the  TYC  in Nanshan (Shenzhen) China, Gina 
also gave a demonstration
of how to make almond  milk 
and chia pudding.  Read 
more, see the recipes,  and enjoy student testimonials
in  the TriYoga News .

Eva-Maria completed  the  first TriYoga Teacher Training in Japan. Students gave her 
a hand fan, a traditional gift signifying a new beginning. See the full report of our 
first TY teacher training 
in Japan  here.

And the D's completed simultaneous Level 2 Teacher Trainings in 2 different cities 
in China! At the TYC in Bao'An (Shenzhen) the D's presented the first 2 weeks together, 
then Santoshi traveled to 
Xi'An, where Kiki had taught the  first 75 hours of Level 2--
the trainings finished on  the same day with 24   new  Level 2 teachers,  certified and 
in progress.

Email TriYoga for 
more information about
this year's journey to India.

The special-edition
Sydney  Opera House and Hanuman Chalisa t-shirts--
in white, maroon or navy--are  available  by special order only. Visit  online store or e mail Santoshi before June 15th.

Chai Tea

A simple recipe for this
classic Indian drink. 
Perfect warm or chilled.

Yield: 6 cups

6 tsp Darjeeling (12 grams), 
3 T cardamom pods, 
4 cm thick ginger root, 
1 liter water, 
1 cup vanilla soy milk or to taste.

Bring water to boil in a pot, turn down heat, add ground cardamom pods and let steep for 6 minutes, just short of boiling. Add grated ginger, let steep for 1 minute, turn off heat, add tea, let steep for 2 minutes, pour tea into teapot through a sieve, and add vanilla soy milk.

Watch MD Vegan's 
video of the recipe here.
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 Watch the Bite Size Vegan 
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and nutrition, and humorous 
takes on social situations.
Visit TriYoga teacher Daya's website ItsEasytobeVegan.com to learn simple tips to transition to and maintain a plant-based, cruelty-free diet.
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