May 2014
Issue: #19

 This May, TriYoga friends joined Kaliji in Orange County 

for 4 days of Air Flow. All enjoyed two 3.5 hour sessions 

per day, daily nature walks, and the boundless 

wisdom and energy of Yogini Kaliji.

Manuals as eBooks! 
Basics, Level 1 and Level 2 manuals are available as 
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More languages, levels and manuals to come!

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*for those already certified or enrolled in internship in each level. New interns can choose either paper or e-manual in their internship.
Upcoming Programs with KALIJI


June 6-9 Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong
June 13-15, Retreat at Kripalu, Lenox MA
July 7-13 Nada Yoga and TriYoga, Orange County CA
August 8-14, Retreat  in Bad Meinberg Germany
August 15-21, Retreat in Chieming-Hart Germany
August 22-25, Retreat in Kiental, Switzerland
Yoga as Healthcare

  TriYoga Boston continues its commitment to bringing 
TriYoga into the therapeutic community.  Click here to 
read an article first published in the IAYT Yoga Therapy 
Today Journal by TYC Director Beth Gold-Bernstein and Lorrie Jacobsohn about the opportunities for yoga therapy 
in the changing models of healthcare.  
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Message from KALIJI

The May full moon is a celebrative time.    

In the West, there are graduations & weddings.   

Spring is vibrant in the air.


The Hindus celebrate the May full moon  

as the Appearance Day of Narasimha.  


In most Buddhist schools, the birthday of Buddha

is recognized as the May full moon.


Narasimha invoked faith and devotion 

in the unlimited power of the Divine.


Buddha inspired compassion.   

Living kindness in thought and action.


This day reminds me of the Rig Veda sloka:


Ekam Sat Viprāha Bahudhā Vadanti 

"Truth is One, though the Sages call it by various names"


Happy Purna (full) Moon    


Yogini Kaliji

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Message from Kaliji
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Vegan Recipe
Around the World


TriYoga Center Potsdam recently opened and hosts regular TriYoga classes and lifestyle events, including monthly chanting!  DJ 
& Santoshi were able to join for bhajans after their recent workshop in Berlin.


After the Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen (Nanshan), the group was joined by an extra friend for their photograph! This little doggie brought everyone an extra smile.  Katya continues with Level 1, and Chandra will come from Florida for certifications for both trainings.

And DJ & Santoshi began their spring trip to China with a workshop at TYC Shenzhen (Bao'An).  DJ begins a Basics Teacher Training there and Santoshi travels to Guangzhou for a 3-day workshop and then the completion of a Basics TT begun in the autumn.


In Europe, Matarani gave a Level 3 Teacher Training in Switzerland and Eva-Maria continued a Basics TT in Bad Toelz, Germany.  In June, Nandi will go to Denmark for Basics Certification and Tarini to Allershausen for Level 1.


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Next Live ONLINE 
event with KALIJI
May 18th : Live Q&A 
Russian translation with Ganga
Upcoming Vegan Classes 

Kelli travels to Europe for 2 Vegan Cooking Weekends ~
In  Bad Toelz, Germany  

May 16-18 and in Denmark 

May 29-June 1.

  And Mitra Deva travels to Dusseldorf, Germany for TriYoga Flows and Vegan Cooking May 24-25.  

Two recipes starring Kohlrabi
submitted by TY Teacher 
Ekaterina  from Vienna

Cooling Soup

Dice  kohlrabi and  green apple and blend together with 1 glass of almond  (or any other non-diary milk), add salt and black pepper. Cool before serving 

or even add a cube of ice.

Serve in glasses and decorate

with pine nuts and parsley

or mint leaves.


Pyramid Starter


Cut red beet and kohlrabi into thin circles.  Then build the pyramids: red beet, salad, kohlrabi and repeat. Add a teaspoon of fresh macadamia (or other nut) soft cheese.


Mix olive oil, lemon juice and dry basil and pour the sauce over the pyramid.

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... in the flow,
TriYoga International