June 2014
Issue: #20

 Yogini Kaliji gave five workshops over the four days of the Evolution Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong last weekend, as well as a Devi Dance on the main stage.  With over 250 attending all programs, more 70 TriYoga teachers, students and friends from around China and Taiwan joined together for a weekend of flows and satsang. 


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To register, contact TriYoga International
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Message from KALIJI


Another full moon is upon us ~

making the question emerge...

"what have we accomplished 

since the last 'purna' moon?"


The new moon carries the 

energy for birth & beginnings.

The full moon carries the 

energy of fruition & fulfillment.


May we use our time wisely,

and create 'more' time 

through regular meditation.


When the mind is calm

there is greater mental clarity.

Answers appear in less time.


Thus, meditation gives time.

It doesn't take time.

Intuitive knowledge increases.


May each day of the month

be expressed through a calm mind. 

Then we will accomplish our duties 

from one full moon to the next.  


Yogini Kaliji

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Upcoming Programs with YOGINI KALIJI


June 22, Live Online

June 29, TriYoga
New Orleans LA

July 9-13, Nada Yoga and TriYoga, Orange County CA

July 16, TriYoga

Cincinnati OH

August 8-14, Retreat  in Bad Meinberg Germany

August 15-21, Retreat in Chieming-Hart Germany

August 22-25, Retreat in Kiental, Switzerland

Around the World

TriYoga teacher Kim Amlong recently taught at the Catania (Italy) Yoga Festival.  Her Saturday afternoon class was attended by more than 70 people, many experiencing TriYoga for the first time.


TriYoga Center Hanau (Germany) recently hosted TriYoga teacher and accomplished Indian dancer Rebekka Schoerbel to share the "12 Names of Lord Ganesha."

Florida-based TY Teacher Chandra made her first trip to TYC Shenzhen (Nanshan) to give certification weeks for Basics and Level 1 teacher trainings, as well as a 3-day workshop.    John & Santoshi are on the other end of this giant city giving a Basics Teacher Training.

In the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia, TY Teacher Lakshmi (Lisa) Wade gave a weeekend retreat.

At TriYoga Classroom K�ln, (Germany), TY Teacher Vandana photographed students' "meditation in motion" through Gentle Wave. 


Also in Europe, there are Basics Certifications in Denmark and Germany, Level 1 trainings in Allershausen, Graz, and Delemont (Switzerland), and Level 3 Trainings in Austria and Switzerland!


And in Culiac�n, Mexico, TriYoga's First Basics Teacher Training begins June 23!


What's happening in your corner of the world?  Share your news with your TriYoga community!


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The Fruits of the Season

Fruits are an excellent (and delicious) way to get fiber, vitamins and minerals, and to stay hydrated.  Mangosteens (pictured above) are also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Adding fresh, seasonal fruit to your diet can help keep hair healthy and skin young, are low in calories, and add sweet variety to every meal.
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