April 2014
Issue: #18

April is BIRTHDAY month and around the world there are parties to celebrate KALIJI and the miracle of TriYoga!  Groups gathered in Europe, Asia, and in the USA to celebrate together, with the biggest party at TYC Central Pennsylvania for a weekend of programs with YOGINI KALIJI.


Kaliji began April in Munich with a 6-day visit for weekend workshops and a 3-day Level 4 intensive. Continuing to Vienna for an all-levels weekend program and then to Moscow for three sold out weekday sessions, Yogini Kaliji returned to the USA for Birthday Party celebrations at TYC Central PA.


Next weekend, April 25-27, Kaliji is in Santa Cruz, and then to
Hamsa and Frankfort, Kentucky!

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Message from KALIJI

The full moon in April is known as Hanuman Jayanti.   

Hanuman represents P R A N A ~ universal energy.

April is the first month in the zodiac cycle.

The energy is heightened this time of year.

According to Vedas, the New Year follows the first new moon after the spring equinox.  

Thus, it is a good time to begin something new.  

Use this energy to direct it toward your goals 

over the next 12-months.  

Jai Hanuman!


Mantra Meditation to increase energy:   

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha

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Kaliji in April
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Message from Kaliji
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Full Basics, Level 1 and Level 2 manuals are now available as e-books. For $27 per manual* receive a PDF perfect for your iPad, iPhone, e-reader, laptop or tablet. More languages, levels and manuals to come!

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*for those already enrolled in internship in each level. New interns can choose either paper or electronic manual included in their internship.
Around the World

In May,  TYC Vienna co-director Tanja Hosel will present at the Yoga Convention in Linz, Austria and Eva-Maria returns to Japan for the YogaSmile Convention and programs at the Tamisa studio in Kyoto.

Inspired by Kaliji's recent visit, over 25 people from all over Russia joined the latest Basics Teacher Training in Moscow.  John & Santoshi will return in the autumn to continue this flow.  
TriYoga Community Berlin hosts John & Santoshi for a weekend of workshops April 25-27, including TYTherapeutics and all-levels flow.
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Upcoming Programs in China

Katya returns to TYC Shenzhen (Nanshan district) for Basics and Level 1 Teacher Trainings, with Chandra giving certification weeks in May.


Alexei from Russia also travels to Shenzhen to offer classes at the TYC in Nanshan.


John & Santoshi offer Basics Teacher Trainings in Guangzhou and Shenzhen (Bao'An district).


Kiki begins the first Basics Teacher Training in Xi'An.


Eva-Maria travels to the new TYC in Beijing for a Basics Teacher Training.


KALIJI returns to the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong in June!

Kaliji started her birthday celebrations in Vienna with a vegan tiramisu. Click here for the recipe!
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