December 2014
Issue: #26


The last full moon of 2014~the next full moon will be on January 5th, TriYoga's 35th anniversary! Join KALIJI and TriYoga teachers and students from around the world in Santa Cruz for a 3.5 day retreat, beginning with a New Year's Eve Concert with Ashwin Batish & Family.


Upcoming Programs with Kaliji


Dec 13 Samkhya Yoga Online

Dec 13-14 Chant Club and TriYoga Flows at Magnolia Wellness Center, San Francisco


Dec 20 Cincinnati, Ohio


Dec 27 YogaFlow & Nada Yoga Online


In 2014, TriYoga was featured at 20 yoga conferences throughout the world! If anyone else presented or will present at a yoga conference, please let us know.  

May more TY Teachers present at yoga conferences!    

SRI GANAPATHY SACHCHIDANANDA SWAMIJI will give a Healing and Meditation Concert at Sydney Opera House April 6, 2015.  Yogini Kaliji will travel to Australia to lead a retreat in tropical Cairns April 1-3, then travel to Sydney for this important event.  For more information on the tour, contact TriYoga.  For information about the concert, visit DYC Australia's site.
Mark your calendars!  
Retreats and Conferences with 
Yogini Kaliji in 2015

April 24-29 Munich, Germany (All-Levels Flow and Level 4)

March 29- April 8 Australia

May 1-3, Moscow, Russia

May 7-10, Barnaul, Siberia

May 22-25 Kripalu, Lenox MA

June 5-7, Taiwan

June 11-14, Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong

August 2-6, Chieming-Hart, Germany

August 7-13, Bad Meinberg, Germany

August 14-17, Brienz, Switzerland

Sept 19-26, China Yoga Summit, Dalian China

Message from Yogini Kaliji 




Datta is a Sanskrit word for gift. 

Jaya means victory; guru means knowledge. 

Yoga is the attainment of jnana, ageless truth. 

May we attain victory over the mind 

with the divine gift of knowledge. 

This full moon is the auspicious Datta Jayanti in celebration of the universal trinity sat cit ananda - 

the soul is eternal with blissful knowledge. 


Dattatreya is seen as trimurti ~ Brahma. Vishnu. Śiva. 

Our life is successful with the blessings of Datta. 

We can not succeed without the Datta flow. 

Brahma is the beginning energy

 or the first thought of an idea or inspiration. 

Vishnu is the sustaining power of perseverance, 

steadiness, stability. Vishnu plans each step.  

 Śiva completes with the full idea or inspiration manifested.   


We must use discrimination in deciding our plan of action.   The life expectancy on Earth is approximately 70 years. Thus we have an average of seven 10-year cycles. When put into this perspective, we have a short time on Earth. 

We need to plan well so we will fulfill our karma (actions) and dharma (life purpose).  One needs to reflect these three cosmic energies for such a success.   


 Happy Datta Jayanti

Upcoming at TYC Santa Cruz
Basics TT Immersion Weekend Dec 5-7
TriYoga Anatomy in the Flow Jan 9-11

Click here to register or for more information.

Movie of the Month~
A Delicate Balance

"A documentary for anyone concerned 

about their health or the environment."


Visit for more updates.
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Upcoming with Kaliji
TriYoga at Conferences
Swamiji in Australia
Message from Yogini Kaliji
25th Edition
Around the World
Vegan Recipe
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I am happy for the TY World Newsletter.  It is exciting to view each month.

A big thanks to Santoshi who was inspired to provide a monthly newsletter.

This Full Moon on Datta Jayanti we have completed 26 and our 27th will come out on KRIYAVATI, TriYoga Anniversary, 

January 5th!


~ Kaliji

Around the World

This month, four different senior-level teachers were in different cities in China, giving trainings in Basics, Level 1, and Level 2!

Eva-Maria was in Guangzhou giving a Level 1 Teacher Training (interns were thrilled for their Skype date with Kaliji), and traveled one day to Shenzhen for an open workshop.

Gina was in Beijing completing a Basics Teacher Training and giving a Level 1 training.  She then came to Shenzhen where she began a Basics Teacher Training at the TriYoga Center Nanshan.
Gina's daughter (and TriYoga teacher) Angie was able to travel from San Francisco and join the training.  She said of her experience:

"It was absolutely amazing. The hosts/students are so gracious and took such good care of us. The whole experience was very inspiring and motivating. I loved every second of it!"

Santoshi was in the countryside of Guangdong Province giving a Level 2 Teacher Training...

...and then reunited with John in Shenzhen where two separate Basics Teacher Trainings are completing next week!
20 Year Anniversary!


Today marks the 20th anniversary of TriYoga in SIBERIA!  Over 150 TriYoga teachers and students joined with TY Teacher Ananda for a 3-hour party, with TriYoga Flows, Indian dances, bhajans and celebration. Kaliji joined via Skype for over an hour and was offered gifts and surprises on this Datta Jayanti full moon!

Ananda writes:

20 years ago the fire of TY reached Siberia, a remote place in the world. TY goes on in our hearts. TY is inspirited by kundalini, the universal mother.  

Our love goes out from the universe and back to you.    Ananda

Simple Apples and Berries


A warm, healthy and sweet treat!


Apples Mixture: 


2 Apples, diced into bite size pieces, skin on 

Zest and juice, 1 large or 3 small oranges 

Cinnamon to taste 

Dash of salt 

Fresh grated ginger to taste 

Dried berries, I used strawberries, blueberries, & cranberries 


Place all into a saucepan & heat on low. Once apples are a little softened, remove from heat and set aside. 




Soaked and rinsed cashews 

Lemon Juice

Chopped ginger (I love ginger). 

Liquid sweetener of your choice 

Cardamom powder to taste 

Coconut milk 

Pinch of salt


Blend all until smooth, adding more of the liquids to make 

the sauce flow. This has a beautiful balance of sweet 

and tart with a little heat from the ginger. 


Sprinkle with fresh pomegranate seeds and top with a few raspberries. 


Submitted, tested and tasted by Jasmin
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