August 2014
Issue: #22

The first of Kaliji's three retreats in Europe began this weekend at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany.

Kaliji is joined on this teaching tour by Prasann Salkar, tabla master, and nada yogi Mercury Max. Dr. G shared medical knowledge and Eva-Maria, Urvasi & Mitra Deva served as translators. John & Santoshi assisted
over 70 flow-ers from Europe, Russia (Siberia) and China!

Europe Retreats with KALIJI

August 8-14, Bad Meinberg, Germany
August 15-21, Chieming-Hart, Germany
August 22-25, Kiental, Switzerland

 Retreat to Ancient India 

      Sept 25-Oct 4


Kaliji will be visiting India to celebrate Navaratri- 

the 9-day festival for Mother Goddess. Kaliji will first visit Mysore where the entire country comes together to honor this Universal Energy. No other place in India celebrates Navaratri with as much grandeur as Mysore. Over 100,000 lights dazzle this ancient palace city every night. We will visit the SGS Ashrama where Sri Swamiji performs one of the most elaborate pujas, yoga ceremonies for devotion & meditation. World renowned musicians offer programs throughout the day.  


The second half of the tour will take us to ancient and historical city of Rishikesh. Here we will stay next to the magnificent Ganga at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. We will begin with morning sadhana then spend the day & evening exploring the holy cities and travel to the origin of the Ganga where two powerful rivers flow together to create the sacred Ganga. We can enter the blessed water and feel the scriptures pulsating inside. The view and energy of the vast Himalaya Mountains energizes all. 

On Oct. 3rd, all students are invited to the largest Yoga conference in India where Kaliji will give a keynote address.


If you have considered going to India with us ~ then perhaps this is the time. Kaliji usually travels to India in December so this is a unique opportunity as Navaratri is celebrated in autumn. To experience both south and north during Navaratri is highly auspicious. Mysore is considered a major yoga capital in India. Haridwar & Rishikesh are pure vegetarian cities located on the holy Ganga River ~ 

the scriptures speak endlessly about this location. 

Visit here to learn more.
Magical Music by Mercury Max
Music & Mantra for Yoga & Life

Twenty-three Mercury Max albums are now available for streaming and download at the newly redesigned
TrIYoga Store, on iTunes and Spotify.
 Listen to old favorites and new flow tunes.

For more information about this program, contact TriYoga or YogaTunes Australia.
Upcoming Online Programs with KALIJI
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 Message from Yogini Kaliji


Presently I am in Europe giving 3 retreats. This marks the 10-year anniversary since my first TriYoga program in Europe.   Eva-Maria, who was already teaching TY in Europe, gave the first invitation. There was a great welcome in Berlin for the opening event!  Now there are 25 TriYoga Centers in Europe, and more than 600 TriYoga Teachers. A big thanks to the Teacher Training Team! During these 10 years, I have averaged between 54 - 80 worldwide flights per year, completing around 1 million flight miles :) 


First TriYoga Teacher Training in Japan!

The Tamisa Yoga Studio in Kyoto, Japan will host that country's first Basics Teacher Training starting in October with Eva-Maria. John & Santoshi will go in January to complete the 200-hour training with programs in Physical and Subtle Anatomy, Sanskrit
and Nada Yoga.
Basics Teacher Training in Santa Cruz

Join Senior-level Teachers Santoshi & John  Sept. 5-7 for a weekend of Basics Teacher Training, part of the year-long immersion.

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Upcoming Level 3 Teacher Training

Senior-level Teacher Urvasi Leone begins a Level 3 training at the TriYoga Akademie in Berlin.  The training begins on 12 September.


TriYoga Teacher Angelika (with an introduction from Yogini Kaliji) was recently added to the German-language yoga website  Click here to enjoy a Basics Flow with Angelika! Use the coupon for 14 days free access to the site (coupon code is KALIJI) and to share with your students, friends, and community!

TriYoga at the Berlin Yoga Festival

TriYoga teacher (and youtube chef!) Mitra Deva presented TriYoga at the Berlin Yoga Festival this summer. Many members of the TriYoga Community were there to assist and share the flow!

Another Happy Flow-er writes:

"Enter Kaliji's miraculous TriYoga DVDs. I finally decided to give them a go since I figured I had nothing left to lose. Well, ladies and gentlemen, they are absolutely perfect for my level of fitness at the moment. Gentle, but challenging. They actually make me feel like I'm getting a workout without hurting myself. And, I can preserve my novice yoga dignity and do them in the privacy of my own home. A couple of weeks ago, I had ladies in my family lined up on our family reunion vacation doing these yoga exercises with me. Yeah, my mom ended up ordering the DVD's too."

TriYoga Retreats in Europe

Join teachers Johanna Schuhbauer and Claudia Heidmann-Peter 
21-28 Sept. in Sylt, Germany
and 5-12 Oct. in Sicily.

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Jasmin's Simple Summer 
Pasta Salad

Make your favorite type of pasta, set it aside and let it cool. (may add a bit of olive 

oil once it cools, give it a toss so the pasta does not stick together). Pasta needs to 

be al dente


Add in finely chopped:

celery, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, & cucumber. 


The more veggies you add, the lighter the pasta!


Once you get it mixed up, then add in lots and lots of baby arugula. Mix again. 


Bring it all together with olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice. 


Add more and more arugula as you like, letting it go a little limp as you mix together, and adjust the seasoning to taste. 


Top each plate with sliced avocado. YUM !!!! 

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