March 2014
Issue: #17
Photo taken by Kaliji at Monarch Beach

The full moon of March brings us close to the spring equinox, when the Earth turns its full face to the sun, and we feel the balance of light and darkness.  In the Northern hemisphere, the earth begins to warm, awakening seeds, saps, and sleeping animals.  In the Southern hemisphere, nature begins its gentle inward turn.


~ TY in Orange County with Kaliji begins in May ~

Kaliji traveled to TY Boston for a weekend of programs including TriYoga Therapeutics and 

Mudra Vigyan ~ the Science of Mudra.
Interview with Kaliji:
A Life of Compassion
Watch the television interview Kaliji gave at the Inside Yoga Conference in Wels, Austria.  
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Prana Vidya Level 3
Kaliji taught Prana Vidya Live on-line over a series of three sessions on the weekend of Feb 28-March 2.  With assistance from Nandi and medical information from Dr G, students from 

Australia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and throughout the United States joined this 

informative, interactive flow.


Click here to register and watch the replay.

Message from KALIJI

  The Equinox is said to be an  

auspicious time to begin pranayama.

It is when the day and night are nearly equal.

It is this energetic balance that gives 

a boon to deepening sadhana.

In Astrology, the first sun sign Aries, 

represents new beginnings, visionary leadership.

 It is often said Spring Equinox begins 

with the Sun's entry into the sign of Aries.    

May this Spring awaken new inspiration !

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... in the flow,
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At TYC Boston
Interview with Kaliji
TY-thon in Santa Cruz
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Message from Kaliji
Around the World
Upcoming in Europe
Birthday Celebration
Equinox Fast
Vegan Recipe

Around the Globe
Senior teacher Chandra (Lynne Andrews) gave a workshop at the YogaLoft in Tampa, Florida.

John & Santoshi (Stef) gave all-levels weekend workshops in Vienna and K�nigstein, and travel to Allershausen for a  workshop, "Refinement in the Flow", on March 27th before joining Kaliji in Munich on the 28th.
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Upcoming Programs with Kaliji in Europe

March 28-April 2 All-Levels and Level 3 & 4 in Munich
April 4-6 in Vienna, Austria
 April 7-9 in Moscow, Russia.
Happy Birthday Celebration

For the third year in a row, Kaliji will celebrate her birthday at TYC Central Pennsylvania.  Join the party!
Upcoming Programs with Kaliji in USA

March 22 at TY Malibu
April 25-27 TYC Santa Cruz
May 4-7 Level 4 
in Orange County

From Kelli's Vegan Kitchen:


Our bodies are working constantly to keep going. 

The heart beats, the lungs breathe, and our digestive system works every time we eat something. Digesting, assimilating and metabolizing--these activities require a great deal of energy. It is estimated that 65% of the body's energy is directed to the digestive organs after a heavy meal.


By taking a break every so often, the body has a chance to rest, catch up with the housecleaning it needs to do. Some of the many benefits of fasting are detoxification, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and a jumpstart to a healthier diet.


 Click here for more information or to register for this guided one-day juice fast.

 Sweet Tart Green Juice



 2 cucumbers

6 romaine leaves

6 kale leaves

2 apples

 � lemon 

1" ginger


Juice all ingredients together, leaving peels on if fruits and vegetables are organic, or removing the peel for less flavor.