September 2014
Issue: #23

The full moon of September was the last of the 2014

 "super moons"--where the full moon coincides with its close approach to Earth. In addition to appearing brighter and larger, the super moon is believed to bring clarity and the energy of completion. This summer was unique in that the full moons of July, August, and September were all super moons--the next one is August 2015!

 This full moon marks the Mid-Autumn Festival, and in Asia and around the world, it is traditional to celebrate with friends. 
Kaliji celebrated the Moon Festival at the Qing Ming Festival Symphony concert at the Mission Theater in San Gabriel, CA.

Upcoming Programs with Kaliji


Sept 13 Online Samkhya Yoga

Sept 14 Online Yogaflow and Nada Yoga


Sept 25-Oct 4 Journey to India


Oct 10-12 at TYC Santa Cruz

Level 3 Teacher Training with Kaliji 

Saturday evening Satsanga, Oct 11

Classical sitar and tabla with Ashwin and Keshav Batish


Nov 1 & 2 at the InsideYoga Conference in Frankfurt

Nov 3 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Nov 6-8 Yoga Arava in the Negev Desert, Israel

Nov 14-16 in Portland, Oregon


TRIYOGA 35 Celebration TBA ~ SOON!

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Join Kaliji in India Sept 25-Oct 4. 

Visit here to learn more.

 Message from Yogini Kaliji


My first visit to India was in 1983 and later this month I will be taking my 25th trip to India. Over 20 TriYogis will join!  Each time it is a new, uplifting experience for all. We will arrive in Mysore during the time of Dasara, Navaratri, the 9-night celebration of Mother Goddess. Mysore is known for its elaborate Dasara featuring the Mysore Palace illuminated with over 100,000 lights. The year 2010 marked the 400th anniversary of Dasara celebrations in Mysore.    


During this visit, we will stay at the Windflower, an Ayurveda Retreat, while attending the Navaratri festivities performed by Sri Swamiji at SGS Ashrama.  Both day and evening performances by master musicians and vocalists are offered, as we enjoy tropical weather, taking breaks to secure more fresh coconut water. :) The beautiful ashrama reminds us of the ancient tradition from which yoga arises.


After leaving Mysore, we will travel to the vegetarian cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh located in the foothills of the Himalayas where the Ganga River flows.  I will present the keynote address for the yoga conference in Haridwar. 

Our journey will conclude with a visit to the magnificent origin of the Mother Ganga River as we bask in 

the power of the Himalayas.  

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Around the World

The Basics year-long intensive continued in Santa Cruz with guest teachers Santoshi & John in September and continues with Nandi in October. In September, Nandi and Tarini will teach a Level 2 10-day intensive, and a Level 3 in October. 


Nandi travels to TY Central PA for a weekend of programs Oct 31-Nov 2.



A new Basics teacher training with junior-level teacher trainer Gita Means began in Indiana, Pennsylvania. She writes:

"The TYTT flowed so beautifully! I loved it, and the interns did also. It is beyond wonderful to have this opportunity to share something that I love so deeply!!! Thank you so so much!!!"

What's happening in your TriYoga Community?
Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet
Join Kelli, ashrama chef, for a 4-week online course to help change or refine your diet.  Enjoy recipes, talks, and daily support.
Plum Galettes

A simple pastry shell for end-of-summer fruits.  


500 g flour~approximately 4 cups (e.g. 50% wheat and 50% spelt flour) 

50-100 g (1/4 to 1/2 cup) raw sugar (or any other sweetener: agave juice or coconut sugar)

2 tsp vegan baking powder

1 tsp ginger powder (or raw ginger)


Mix together dry ingredients.



250 g sunflower oil (approx. one cup) or any other plant oil.


Mix well.


Add some water (as much as the dough absorbs) (~1/2 cup)

Refrigerate dough until ready to roll out.  
Meanwhile, prepare the fruits (stone fruits work best: plums, peaches, nectarines or cherries, or a combination)

Cut the fruit into small pieces and add some chopped walnuts and some coconut sugar (optional).

Roll the dough to about 1/4"-thick rounds. Add fruit to the center and top with nuts and sugar if you like.
Wrap the ends of the dough lightly around the fruit.

Bake at 200 C (400 F) for 30 minutes, then at 180 C (370 F) for another 10-15 minutes, until fruit is soft and crust is browned.

submitted (and tested!) by Ekaterina in Vienna
A Teaching Tip!


"I was in class getting ready for deep relaxation--I always, always play one of Kaliji's Yoga Nidras. The students LOVE hearing her voice, which takes them deep, and it brings Kaliji to them each time.  


If you are a KRIYA member, you can go to the site and download them all.

What a great gift these are to the students and instructors.   

As you know, they are also written out in the Basics Manual."


Jasmin Jinn, TriYoga Center Santa Cruz
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