September 2015
Issue: #36
September 27th brought a trinity of astrological phenomena:
The moon was full  and at its closest distance to the Earth , making it a so-called "super moon": 
fourteen percent  larger 
and thirty-three percent brighter than 
an average full moon. Also, t he Earth aligned  directly  between the Sun and Moon and the M oon fell  completely within the Earth's shadow, resulting  in a  total lunar eclipse.

The last time this happened was in 1982,
and the next time will be in  2033.  
Special thanks to photographer Don Knabb 
and to guest reporter Katya Yani 

Newsflash! on this full moon, 
Mitradeva graduated with Master of Arts!

September 21-25 was the first China International Yoga Industry Expo, organized by husband and wife team Yong Lu and TriYoga teacher YoLi. Since first meeting Kaliji, they have worked tirelessly to spread TriYoga throughout China, and have now realized their vision  to create a conference devoted to TriYoga! Nearly 200 participants from all over China and Taiwan joined together for five days of flows, vegan meals and satsang.
Dalian Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony, attended by local government 
officials, included a mudra flow from Yogini Kaliji 
while the conference participants chanted OM.
Chairman Chen, of the Dalian Chamber of Commerce, 
attended the opening ceremony as well as the first 
and  last meal together. Chairman Chen said,
"Yoga is to bring heaven and earth together-- 
with you, we have real yoga."

Master Hsein Feng Chiu, a yoga philosopher renowned in Taiwan and China,  presented daily at the conference.
He has been teaching yoga philosophy for more than 
24 years. Master Chiu also participated in the TriYoga 
classes  and was quick to appreciate the energetic 
flow  of  prana through every movement.

The program also included an outdoor morning 
session at the  grand plaza along the Dalian waterfront. 
Yogini Kaliji  led chanting and mudra flow while students immersed into the expansive atmosphere.

Vegan Celebrations

Each day the group  enjoyed  delicious vegan meals and satsang in a beautiful waterfront setting at  the  nearby Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
The last night's dinner was traditional Chinese hot-pot: organizer Yong Lu said the meal represented the fire of  TriYoga, spreading across China and the world,  each "little sparkle" lighting up a new area.
Yogini Kaliji was assisted throughout the five-day conference by senior-level teachers Gina,  John & Santoshi . Tina Feng translated every moment--classes, meals and interviews.


Upcoming Programs 

Oct 9-11   Philadelphia, PA
Oct 12  TY Boston, MA
Oct 17   Live Online
Oct 29-Nov 1   Orange County, CA
Nov 6-8   TY Cedar Rapids, IA
Nov 9-12  Hamsa, KY
Nov 20-22   Portland, OR 

Celebrate TriYoga 36 
Dec 23-Jan 4   India
Jan 22-24  TYC Santa Cruz, CA

For all programs  with KALIJI and  senior-level teachers
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Celestial Music  by 
Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

~ Instrumental
~ Bhajans
~ Mantra

CDs available in the 

Message from Kaliji

3 Months To Go!

On January 5, 1980, due to the grace of Kriyavati shakti,
TriYoga ~ a purna yoga for the benefit of others ~
began to awaken, to flow, to transform.  AUM

In Sanskrit, Devi Yoga is another name for TriYoga.  Devi has three aspects or shaktis:

KALI (purification);
SARASVATI (knowledge);
LAKSHMI (blessing).

TriYoga is completing the third 12-year cycle on  December 29 , its Vedic Anniversary.  In one way,  or three ways, we can see an influence of these  shaktis in TriYoga over the last 36 years:)

Even though KRIYAVATI continues through today,  during the first 12 years I was in semi-seclusion and  was immersed daily in the spontaneous flow, as TriYoga  was being revealed. The Kali era provided opportunity  for cleansing and being trained/remembering within  this  ancient hatha yoga. Recall I never studied 
with anyone. I was taught from this inner source.   

It was the beginning of the Sarasvati cycle when  Mudra Vidya was channeled with over 
1000 Devi mudras coming forth. It was also during these 12 jnana years that I wrote
the systematized Yogaflow and Prana Vidya manuals while training teachers with deeper knowledge to share TriYoga.  

In the last 12 years, the Lakshmi era, it has been a time
of spreading the blessings of TriYoga in over 40 countries and opening 65 TriYoga Centers and Communities.
Ah, such blessings!

Wow! Writing this makes it obvious 
that the three 12-year cycles have reflected the three shaktis!
This means we can now look 
the Durga era. Durga 
the combination of these three universal energies. We have
months to prepare for another  takeoff. Let's be ready!

We will be celebrating the 36th Anniversary with  an amazing sacred-city pilgrimage during this  year's 
annual Journey to India.

I hope you can join! There will also be a celebration at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz in January 2016.

May you tune into the flow of the universal trinity and
ride the Durga wave into the next era.


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E-book release by 
vegan chef Kelli
Fifty four recipes that you can easily  put together in your blender or  food processor, plus a bonus  3-day 
juice fast menu.  Recipes include Mandarin Orange Spice Smoothie, Rosemary Balsamic Dressing, Mango Pudding with  Lime Cream, Cheesy Butternut Squash Soup, Mocha Mint Ice Cream and Ruby Red Citrus Juice. For more information or to order, visit Kelli's Vegan Kitchen.

New Level 2 Teachers

Congratulations Loretta, Sisi and Karen who recently received their Level 2 Certifications! 

Upcoming and Ongoing Programs in Asia
TYC Karuna  in Beijing ~ Gina
L1 TYTT   Sept 28-Oct 22
Prenatal TY   Oct 24-25
L2 TYTT   Oct 27-Nov 21

TYC Shenzhen (Bao'An)
John & Santoshi (Ds) 
L3 TYTT   Sept 28-Oct 30
First in China; started on the full moon!
Basics Nov 9-Dec 7

Kyoto, Japan ~ John & Santoshi 
YogaSmile Conference Oct 17-18
TriYoga at Taiji Conference
TriYoga teacher Kiki recently presented TY at the Taiji Conference in Ningxia Province. Over 100 participants joined the flow!
Upcoming and Ongoing Programs in Europe

Oct 22-28  L2 TYTT  Nandi

Nov 6-8  TY Weekend  John (DJ)

Oct 1-4  L2 TYTT   Johanna  
Oct 30-Nov 4 B/L1 TYTT  Nandi
Nov 5-9  L2 TYTT  Nandi
Oct 16-18   Basics TYTT   Urvas i
Nov 13-15  TY Weekend   Santoshi

Oct 22-25  Basics TYTT   Roselyne
Nov 7-8  TY Therapeutics and 
All-Levels Flow  Angelika

Nov 20-22  TY Weekend  DJ


Nov 6-8   Nasha Yoga (Our Yoga) Conference  Santoshi presents TY
(includes a public talk on Ahimsa)
Trinity of New TYCs
Three new TriYoga Centers opened this month in China:

Chen Juan (Eva) opened the first TYC in Fujian Province.  

Level 1 teacher Xue Qin opened the first TYC in Shanxi province, in Taiyuan.

After organizing teacher trainings in Xi'an for two years, Yu Feng has opened the first TriYoga Center in this ancient city.  

She also hand-made the flower logo for the opening celebration.
All three of the newest TYC Directors joined Yogini Kaliji in Dalian for the conference and to celebrate these new TriYoga hOMes.
Creamy Vegan Pesto

Enjoy the bright taste of basil 
paired with the rich creaminess 
of blended nuts.

* 1 cup olive oil, extra virgin
* 1 tbsp garlic, chopped
* 2 cups fresh basil leaves
* 1/2 cup pine nuts (Can substitute sprouted seasoned pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, walnuts or pine nuts)
* 1/2 cup cashews, raw
* 2 tbsp "Braggs"
* 1/2 tbsp salt
* 1 tsp black pepper
* 1/8 tsp allspice
* 1/8 tsp nutmeg
* 1 avocado

Blend together and serve.

by TriYoga teacher Daya, and 
highly recommended by Nandi!

Movie of the Month

Enjoy the uplifting music of Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and scenes from his life, Datta Peetham ashrama in Mysore, and the worldwide influence of his music.

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