November 2014
Issue: #25

Yogini Kaliji leads Yoga Arava in Israel

The November full moon was powerful during Yogini Kaliji's presentation at the Yoga Arava Festival. Kaliji led the main

 event with over 1000 people immersed in the TriYoga Flow 

and chanting. The full moon lit up the ancient desert and 

historic Solomon Pillars. 

TriYoga in Japan
Senior-level teacher Eva-Maria began the first 
TriYoga Teacher Training in Japan!

Eva-Maria also presented TY at Yoga Smile.
She presented at this conference in Kyoto 
for the 4th consecutive time! More here.
Cast Your Vote by Nov 15!
TriYoga Chef Mitra Deva (MD Vegan) is a contestant 
in the HotRawChef contest!  Please vote for him here
His entry is the recipe of the delicious salad on the right. 
The contest ends Friday.

Enjoy 553 video recipes on his YouTube channel: MD Vegan

Upcoming Programs with Kaliji


Nov 14-16  Portland, OR


Nov 22  Samkhya  Online


Nov 20-23  Level 4 (Air) Flow  Orange County, CA


Nov 30  Level 2 TYTT  Malibu, CA (full)


Dec 13-14  Magnolia Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA


Upcoming TYTTs at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz

Basics 200 hour Teacher Training

Dec 5-7  Basics 108 with Nandi and Tarini

Jan 9-11  Anatomy in the Flow with Nandi

Yoga Nidra written and narrated by Kaliji, 
with the magical music by Mercury Max are now 
available as digital downloads at TriYoga store.

Sharing TriYoga

Donations help with program scholarships, product development, trademark protection, and to share TriYoga worldwide. TriYoga is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. 

Your donations are tax-deductible. Support TY.


Support TriYoga
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Message from Yogini Kaliji

This week the TY Community ~ Southern California went to the premier for the film, Cowspiracy. It is a must to see as it reveals the hidden secrets of cow agriculture. Someone recently said "I saw vegan movies before so I won't be going."

First, perhaps consider supporting the vegan cause by seeing the movie. Second, this is a unique presentation. I have been a vegan for over 30 years and still find this to be a worthy 
film to see. If nothing else, it is a good reminder of the horrid things that happen behind the scenes. With anything great, the opposing energies can be seen trying to block. Vegan
has its many enemies with industries and corporations who do not want the real truth to come out. May all be open to watch this movie. Many choose vegan due to compassion. 
This movie shows the far reaching effects.

Let us share the Cowspiracy message!


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Chef MD Vegan presents

Bell Pepper Corn Salad with  Mango Tomato Dressing


1/2 cup firmly packed 

cubed unpeeled mango 

(about 1/2 medium mango)

1/2 cup cubed tomato 

(about 1 medium tomato)

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon grated ginger

pinch chili powder



1 cup raw corn 

(about 1 small ear)

1 cup seeded and diced red bell pepper (about 1 medium bell pepper)

1/3 cup diced yellow onion (about 1/2 onion)



Put the ingredients of the dressing in a high performance blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Combine the ingredients of the salad in a medium salad bowl and toss with the dressing.

Around the World

TYT Angelika G�rber was featured in the Austrian magazine YogaZeit with 

7-page spread.


TYC TaoYuan (Taiwan) director Julia Lao recently took a group to Sun Moon Lake for TriYoga practice, including chanting. TYC TaoYuan has a monthly "TriYoga Family Day." 
They'd love a Skype visit  
from any TriYogis around 
the world at their next meeting 
November 16th 9am-2pm.
(Taiwan time)

Congratulations to TYT Lakshmi (Lisa Wade) of Roanoke, Virginia, USA 
on the release of the new website created by TY photographer Juli Loupe
who also designed matching business cards and post- cards to advertise the recent event. On Sept 20 Lakshmi taught a "Yoga Day" outdoors.
See photos here.

Teachers trained by Chandra, Eva-Maria, Katya and Kiki 
now join Santoshi for more 
than 3 weeks in the mountains at our TY Retreat in China.

Basics TY Teacher Training is taking place with TYT Pene in TYC Ballarat, Australia.

TriYoga with TYT Alexey 
at TYC Beijing. See more photos here.

TYT Zhang Li recently moved to Ottawa, Canada from Shenzhen, China and just completed teaching her first 
6-week Basics class in her new country. She will be studying at the TYC-Santa Cruz from mid-Dec. to mid-Jan.

Moscow teacher & training coordinator, Uliana Dic, recently presented TY at Moscow's Nasha Yoga Festival. She was joined by teachers Anna Sukharova & Tanya Karpova.

A video featuring TYT Olga Kovalchuk was aired on the local news station in Kiev, Ukraine to promote her TY classes.

TY Basics Teacher Olga Bronetska in Odessa, Ukraine is starting her first class as a new teacher. She writes: "After
our last TYTT with John & Santoshi I was inspired to start teaching. On Saturday 
I taught a free introductory TY session at a local gym. It was very well received with smiles and applause! I will continue regular classes there."

What's happening in your TriYoga Community?
New on YouTube!

 Israeli TYT Anat Gold recently posted introductory flows on YouTube in Hebrew.