Connecting With Our Families
During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Youth Connection's Health, Wellness, and Prevention Division is continuing to let our families know that we are concerned about their well-being. Families who participated in our Nutrition Education Program (I2D2) and Strengthening Families engage in a weekly wellness check called, "Live, Laugh, and Love." They are given resources and assistance, a chance to hear words of encouragement, and how to use laughter to help them deal with the pandemic from a different perspective.
I2D2 Program
The Youth Connection's I2D2 Program focuses on the importance of health and nutrition for the entire family. The program is based around four main principles: Increase Fruits & Vegetables, Increase Physical Activity, Decrease Sugary Drinks, and Decrease Screen Time. During the pandemic, families have remained engaged through interactions on Zoom and weekly
check-ins. Our staff is committed to keep our families healthy!

Strengthening Families 10-14
This evidence based program teaches families the importance of effective communication and family time. COVID-19 did not stop us from engaging with our families. We are still at it and generating positive results. The TYC staff are doing a tremendous job in taking this program into the virtual world. Our families remain engaged and excited to work on their growing bonds!
Virtual Work Experience For Our Youth
The Youth Connection's Career Academy has kicked off another great summer youth employment experience, through the Grow Detroit Youth Talent (GDYT) Program. Our youth completed their first week of work. Instead of physically showing up to a job, our youth will put their skills to use by working virtually. Our team and partners have cultivated a virtual work experience and established parameters to measure outcomes. We are extremely happy that despite the pandemic, youth are still able to make money this summer and be productive. We are excited for our youth involved in this new venture and we can't wait to see how it all unfolds!