TZtouch 1st Gen MFDs (TZT9/14/BB) Connected
To BBWX1/BBWX2 May Experience Reboot Issue
July 16, 2020
Service Advisory #2020-11T
NavNet TZtouch MFDs (TZT9/TZT14/TZTBB) are experiencing rebooting and/or start up issues when connected to an activated BBWX1 or BBWX2. This problem began this boating season as changes were made to the SiriusXM data stream. The BBWX3 and BBWX4 are not affected by these changes. NavNet vx2 and NN3D users of the BBWX1 and BBWX2 are also not affected.

Note: The BBWX1 and BBWX2 are not compatible with TZtouch2 or TZtouch3.
This issue can temporarily be resolved by removing the BBWX1/BBWX2 from the network or by deactivating the SiriusXM weather service. For a permanent solution, please contact our technical support staff for v6.02US software. It's important to note that this software update offers no advancements or changes other than to address this particular issue. 
Warranty Allowances
This software update is provided at no charge to anyone impacted by this issue. Furuno USA's standard warranty and travel allowances are NOT applicable to this update. Dealers and Resellers wishing to offer this update as a service to their customers are authorized to charge whatever update fee they deem reasonable for labor and materials.
If you have any questions, please visit our website ( ) and click on "Get Support," then "Ask a Question." You may also contact a Furuno support technician at either our Camas, WA facility, (360) 834-9300 or at our Denton, MD facility, (410) 479-4420.

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