Ta Shema: 
Come and Learn with
Rabbi Bender
June 18th, 2021, 8 Tamuz

Ta Shema is the Aramaic phrase for "come and learn," which was used in the Talmud to indicate when the rabbis wanted to dive deeper into a text. Come and learn with me!
The following poem by Rick Lupert reflects on our weekly Torah Portion, Chukat. The refrain “more, more, more” is something that we have often internalized as a society. This Shabbat, let us focus on what it means to have “enough, enough, enough.”

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Bender 
The Rebels Yell
A poem for Torah Portion Chukat
June 18, 2021 by Rick Lupert

Now listen, you rebels, can we draw water
for you from this rock?
-Numbers 20:10

with apologies to Billy Idol

Last night a thirsty Israelite, came kvetching to a rock
Last night a tired leader, took his staff and gave it a knock
He said now listen, you rebels, I got a license to flow
His license expired with that and he prayed from above

In the wilderness, they wanted more, more, more
With a rebel yell, they demanded more, more more
Forty years in, they asked for more, more, more
These ungrateful rebels, just wanted more, more, more
more, more, more

They’re done with slavery, they want everything theirs.
They’re tired and want no more of these desert affairs
They forgot Who set them free and brought them this far
Their lips are parched, they’ve been following a star

Mid-day in the desert, they cried more, more, more
These hungry rebels demanded more, more, more
Decades from slavery they cried more, more, more
No-one hears when you yell more, more, more

They feel removed from any heaven
Collecting manna after haste and unleavened
Moses gets no sleep knowing what he’s done
He’ll only see the promised land from a distant mountain

He walked the desert for You, God
A thousand plagues, for You
A dried up rock for You, God
A million times for You

He gave his soul, to You, God
His crown lost, for You
Harsh words at a rock and now nothing
Just to have You here by him.

The time is now and they want more, more, more
These rebels yell for more, more, more
He’ll be left behind and they want more, more, more
Will they cross the river and still want more, more, more
more, more, more?

Rabbi Chaya Bender