Our mission is to know, show, and share Jesus!
Sunday Evening Worship
On Sunday, July 29, at 5:00 p.m., the Student Ministry will lead an all-church evening worship service. Join our youth in a night of worship.

As a new school year is upon us, so is another awesome year of mid-week discipleship. Following worship service on August 19, head over to the TLC for a covered-dish lunch and the Tabernacle Ministry Fair, to gain information about areas in which you can serve. The church will provide the meat, rolls, and drinks. In addition, on Wednesday, August 22, we kick-off our Wednesday evening discipleship and worship opportunities for all ages. 
Choir Resumes
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing in the choir? Do you have a heart for worship? The Tabernacle Choir is looking for more voices to add to our group this year so we can sing some new music. We would love to have you in the choir regardless of your singing experience and no audition is necessary. Our normal Wednesday rehearsals begin on August 8 from 7-8:30 PM and we will be having a kickoff party on August 1. Contact james.kimmel@tabernacle.org for more info.

Orchestra in Worship
Do you play a musical instrument? We are looking for band and orchestra musicians to help make our worship experiences more diverse. It is our hope to start using this group in worship in late August. If you are interested, please contact james.kimmel@tabernacle.org to schedule an audition.

Media Volunteers Needed
Have you noticed the clearer picture? We are looking for many more media volunteers to help with our brand new user-friendly video equipment. It takes around seven media volunteers every week to facilitate a worship service and we are planning to expand in the future. Our hope is to build a team large enough so you would only be serving around 1-2 times per month. Also, we are planning to host a training event in August. Contact shirley.humphries@tabernacle.org for more information.
Who Will Teach the Children?
We are in need of individuals to teach Sunday School in the following classes: one in toddlers, three in the three-year old class, and two in the four-year old class. Also, we are seeking Mission teachers for the 4/5-year old and 1st/2nd grade classes. For more information or to sign-up to teach, please contact Crystal Gilley, Administrative Assistant for Children & Students, in the church office.
NEW Kids Worship Arts Program!
Have you heard about our new Wednesday nights at Tabernacle? We are expanding our Children’s Choir program into our new Kids Worship Arts program. This program is for kids age 4 years old-5 th grade and meets during our Wednesday night adult discipleship classes starting August 22. Each week, our kids will be exposed to singing, playing instruments, drama/puppets, visual art, and movement with hopes of engaging the whole child. In addition to meeting on Wednesday nights, the kids will present concerts and musicals throughout the year for special seasons. Contact james.kimmel@tabernacle.org for more info .
Care Portal Team
There are 244 children in foster care in Carroll County and only 26 foster homes available to care for them. There are an additional 25 families at risk of having their children brought into DFCS custody. Tabernacle,  along with eight other churches in our community, have an opportunity to minister to these children and families.  A new mission team has been formed, and Vickie Brookings is the POC. Using an easy web-based tool called CarePortal, the team will receive email requests to meet simple, tangible needs of struggling families. By meeting these needs, families will be preserved or necessary placements will be sustained in loving foster homes. Members of the team will be talking about this ministry in their Sunday School classes and other small groups. Meet a need, build a relationship – let’s reach our neighbors with Christ’s love!
Community Needs
Open Hands, our community food and assistance center, needs unscented baby wipes, Size 6 diapers, and pop-top fruits. Alice's House, a local children's home, needs napkins, construction paper, and Windex. Items can be dropped off in the hallway by the Fellowship Hall.
Sign-up begins this Sunday, July 29, for the Senior Adult Mystery Dinner on Tuesday, August 7. 
Due to the renovation of the Fellowship Hall, the Annual Ladies' Community Salad Luncheon on Wednesday, August 1 is cancelled.
Volunteers Needed
The TLC is in need of volunteers Monday-Friday 12-2 p.m. or 2-4 p.m. If interested, please contact Rick Bohannon at 770.823.6598. 
Sunday's Report - July 22, 2018
Worship Service Attendance
Worship Center - 377
Extended Teaching Care - 27
Morning Total - 404

Sunday School Attendance
On Campus - 305
External Bible Study - 42 
Total - 347

Thank You Note
A thank you note has been received from Lynell Johnson
This Week's Gifts
Unrestricted Gifts - $20,534.86
2020 Now - $690.00
World Missions - $440.00

YTD Giving Report: Oct '17-Sep '18
Revenue Needs - $1,161,000.00
Unrestricted Gifts - $1,171,266.84
2020 Now Balance - $130,848.14
World Missions - $22,815.00
Total Expenditures - $1,541,934.56
Financial Plan Surplus - $10,079.42
Memorials and Honorariums
Unrestricted Gift in Memory of:
Mr. W.S Harman
Ms. Agnes Stevens
Mr. Clarence Hansen

Alice's House in Memory of:
Mr. Herman Kauffman
(Phillip Kauffman's father)

World Missions in Memory of:
Mrs. Marsha Cetti
Mr. Clarence Hansen
Tabernacle Baptist Church
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