Tabor Electronics

Tabor Electronics is a world-leading source of high-end Test & Measurement Equipment, specialising in Signal Generation products. Their range includes Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Pulse Generators, Modular PCI/PXI Instruments, Wideband Amplifiers and Function Generators.

With experience spanning over four decades, the Company has earned global recognition for innovative engineering capabilities. Tabor also develops and manufactures as the OEM, private-labeling a variety of products for industry leaders (including Keysight).
Multi-System Synchronisation
Tabor uniquely offer up to 20 channel, multi-instrument synchronisation.  In addition, users benefit from single, dual and 4-channel options,  a higher sampling rate, lower noise levels, instruments that can use native TEK code, and emulate Fluke 80/1, HP 8116A, HP 8112, HP 8160 HP 8165, Tabor 8500 & 8550/1.
Tabor's Range Includes
  • From 50MS/s to 2.3GS/s PXI, 14bit PCi/PXi Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators. 
  • Up to 500MHz, 32M memory points WaveXciter (WX) Series, High Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators. 
  • Up to 16 bit, 400MHz, 20Vpp, WonderWave (WW) Series, Arbitrary Waveform Generators.
  • Up to 16 bit, 350MHz WaveStandard (WS) Series, Arbitrary Functions Generators.
  • PulseMaster Series, Pulse & Arbitrary Waveform Generators with drop-in emulators.
  • Customised variants of the above to suit individual requirements.
  • High Frequency and Digital Signal Amplifiers.
  • Tabor's own ArbConnection  Software with Pulse Composer.
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