A Legacy of Innovation. 

To mark Israel's 70th anniversary, Tabor has decided to share the celebration with its customers around the world.  For a limited time, limited quantity special promotional offers are available on selected items.

Great offers on the most popular 
Tabor Arbitrary Function Generators

Amazing price reductions on WX2184C-1

The Tabor model WX2184C, 2.3GS/s,
4-channel arbitrary waveform generator offers unrivaled  performance, without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.  The WX2184C is fast becoming the instrument of choice for Quantum Bit (Qbit) generation.
With the anniversary price reductions, plus other amazing deals, there has never been a better time to get a cost effective solution for generating more Qbits or starting a new Quantum lab.

Great offers on the WX128X and WX218X range

The Tabor anniversary offers continue with price reductions and bandwidth upgrades across the WX128x and WX218x ranges.  Get a 2.3GS/s model for less than the price of a 1.25GS/s model, plus get a 2nd channel free of charge.

Up to 50% off Tabor WS8351 & WS8352 Models  
The Tabor anniversary offer also includes up to a 50% discount on the WS8351 & WS8352 350MS/s arbitrary function generators.

Find an Application for your Tabor Arbitrary Function Generator

Tabor have produced 22 Solution Notes, explaining how an arbitrary function generator can be used in applications as diverse as Qbit generation, Pion Decay, Cold Atoms research, I2C, JTAG Boundary Scan and Ethernet Disturber calibration. 

Wireless & Comms applications such as Radar, WiGig, IQ Modulation, DTMF, Envelope Tracking and RFID are also covered.  Industrial applications include Power Line Distribution, Motion Control, Lasers & Hard Disk Drive. 

Tabor's NEW SE5082, 5G Waveforms Demo
Tabor's NEW SE5082, 5G Waveforms Demo
Up to 25% off Tabor SE5082 5GS/s Arbitrary Function Generators

The new Tabor Signal Expert Series SE5082 5GS/s Arbitrary Function Generators are the top-of the range models, setting new standards in high speed signal generation.
With an analog bandwidth of nearly 7 GHz, the new Signal Expert Series can reach frequencies much higher than its sampling rate. 
As part of the anniversary offers, customers will receive up to 25% off the current list price when purchasing a SE5082 along with receiving the DC amplifier option at no extra charge.

Note: Offers are limited on a "first come, first served" basis.  Conditions apply.  Maximum discounts mentioned apply to educational customers only.  Generous discounts also apply to industrial customers.  Full details are available upon request.

Please Contact Us for further information on these products. 

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