November 23, 2021
Academic agreement signed between
University of Haifa
& Zayed University (UAE)
to tackle environmental issues
This new academic cooperation agreement between the University of Haifa and Zayed University will include joint research in a variety of fields, such as natural resource management, education and marine sciences, as well as exchange programs for conferences, workshops and seminars. University of Haifa president, Dr. Ron Robin (pictured) noted at the virtual signing ceremony: “In the wake of many common challenges facing humanity as we grapple with the climate crisis, this kind of academic cooperation is a way to preserve what all of us call home — the planet."

UAE Minister of Education, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi visited Israel’s University of Haifa as part of a delegation of Emirati senior officials who came to learn more about the University’s renowned marine sciences research and remarked how education is the antidote for challenges in the Middle East and throughout the world. Read more
Ultra-processed food increases risk of
high blood pressure and high blood lipids
The high consumption of ultra-processed foods increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and high blood lipids among the entire population and the risk of inflammation among those suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver.

These findings emerged from a new study led by researchers from the University of Haifa. “High consumption of processed food among those suffering from a fatty liver is associated with the exacerbation of the disease, particularly among smokers,” explained Ph.D. student Dana Ivancovsky-Wajcman from The School of Public Health at the University of Haifa, one of the authors of the study. Read more
The brain’s psychosomatic response
may induce healing
The study, led by Professor Asya Rolls of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and her MD/PhD student Tamar Koren, was conducted in cooperation with Dr. Kobi Rosenblum (pictured) of the University of Haifa and Dr. Fahed Hakim of EMMS Nazareth Hospital.

Over the years, the intuitive idea that the brain exercises a significant influence on people’s physical well-being has been supported by increasing scientific evidence. The new study uncovered how neurons can trigger physiological responses in the body that translate to real illnesses and might also help treat them. Read more
Study shows that morning and night people
have different gut bacteria
A new study headed by University of Haifa professors Tamar Shochat (Head of the Department of Nursing) and Eran Tauber (The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology)
along with Prof. Naama Geva-Zatorsky from the Technion, revealed that certain gut bacteria differ between morning and evening people.

"It is already known that there are some genetic differences between larks and owls, but research in fruit flies in our laboratory inspired us to test the impact of gut bacteria on human chronotypes," says Prof. Eran Tauber. A comprehensive screen of gut bacteria composition identified specific bacterial groups that differ between early risers and late sleepers. Read more
University of Haifa Hecht Museum included in
20 of the best FREE things to do in Israel
The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa offers free guided tours for groups in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Spanish, when booked in advance. The permanent exhibitions include: Archaeology of the Land of Israel from the Chalcolithic Period to the Mishnaic Talmudic Era (Roman and Byzantine Periods), Phoenicians on the Northern Coast of Israel in the Biblical Period and Ancient Crafts and Industries (metalworking, woodworking, glassmaking, stone vessels industry, the art of writing, and the physician’s craft).

For a unique experience and breathtaking view of Haifa and the bay, take The Haifa Cable Cars. The cable cars climb up Mount Carmel from beside Bat Galim Promenade at the beach all the way up to the University and the Stella Maris Monastery at the top of the Carmel ridge.
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