Class 42 Social Issues Seminar
Class 42 spent three days in Tacoma grappling with the issues of homelessness, hunger, poverty and domestic violence. Social service providers from throughout the area shared some of the causes and conditions that many individuals and families face throughout our state and country. 

With a spirit of service, class members, and their guests, gave their time at a Tacoma Rescue Mission, St. Leo Food Connection and Emergency Food Network.

What class members said about their experience:
"I think the biggest takeaway I had from this seminar was the importance of listening. Sometimes it can be easy to look at a problem and then start to come up with what we think of as solutions, but without consulting the people who are directly involved or affected we won't be able to find an effective, workable solution. We have had other speakers who have talked about this in different seminars, but I think this seminar actually demonstrated that aspect of leadership."
"It was helpful for me to realize that social issues manifest themselves differently in different locations with different circumstances and that every person’s story and experience is unique. I am reminded of the importance of looking outside of my own preconceived position before making decisions that have an impact on others and seeking advice from a diversity of people on how to solve complex problems."

"I don't need to be the president of Goodwill to help people in the community. Helping may be giving someone some humanity back and giving them some care they may not get very often."
Charnay DuCrest shared her personal story of overcoming drug addiction.
Class members participate in a domestic violence exercise at the YWCA.
An afternoon was spent helping prepare lunch at Tacoma Rescue Mission.
Class members packaged oats at the Emergency Food Network distribution center.
Thank you, YWCA Pierce County and Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region, for hosting Class 42 and providing us with seminar venues.