June 14, 2019
MACo’s Spring Symposium, “Fighting Human Trafficking With Awareness, Advocacy, and Action,” focused on the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world and what is happening locally to combat it. The event brought together state and local elected officials and government staff to learn more about how counties - along with their state and community partners - are working together to raise awareness and take action to stop human trafficking in Maryland.

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Michael Sanderson and Kevin Kinnally discuss the latest news and notes from Annapolis, including how the rising popularity of alternative fuel vehicles is challenging the general philosophy of transportation funding, a look at the newly appointed Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Funding Formula Workgroup , and a breakdown of the latest article from a special Conduit Street blog series on Maryland's school funding formulas: School Funding, Part 3: She Works Hard For The Money (Cost of Education) .
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Counties In Action
Baltimore City
Mayor Young swears in new City Council Member for District 2, Danielle McCray.
Queen Anne's
QAC Tourism hosted Canadian travel writers during the groups’ tour of the county.
Mid-Atlantic local govt leaders attended White House event on federal policy updates.

Corporate Partner Corner

Access to the internet at home over the summer helps students stay connected and continue learning. #InternetEssentials helps families combat #SummerLearningLoss . Learn more

"Our greatest advocates are teachers, educators, community-based organizations and government officials who help spread the word about Internet Essentials. By registering as a partner, you can place an order for complimentary brochures, flyers and other materials to pass along to your community. Program materials are available in 14 languages."

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