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February 2020
Raising Kids Who Welcome Diversity
Open minds start with the work of parents at home

As parents, we know the importance of raising children to respect and value people regardless of the color of their skin, their physical abilities or the language they speak. But teaching kids about diversity isn’t always easy.  Read more
A mixed-race family sits around a table doing homework.
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A Parent’s Guide to Young Love
Useful tips for how to navigate the turbulent waters or youthful romance

Ah, young love. That marvelous, angst-ridden, terrifying and thrilling experience filled with infatuation, exhilaration and (typically) gut-wrenching breakups. Most parents probably remember it all too well. And yet, they are completely ill-equipped to go through it with their own kids.  Read more
A teenage boy and girl enjoy each other's company laying in the grass.
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Five Historical Black Miamians You Should Know
From trendsetters in public office to victims of brutal crimes

While the country as a whole celebrates the impact African Americans have had in the United States, the Black community in South Florida has been especially important in the history of our region for more than a hundred years.  Read more
John Milledge
Photo: State Archives Florida
Our Differences Make Us Better
Kid’s-Eye View

Do you have friends from different countries? What do you learn from them?

Yes, I have a friend from a different part of the country. She's from Pennsylvania and she's my best, best friend.

Ollie, 7. Read more
A group of diverse girls smile together.
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