June 12,  2017
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It won't matter how many great ideas and case studies you have in your article. If the opening paragraphs aren't riveting, readers won't likely go further. David Rosenbaum shows how to stimulate readers at the beginning of an article and keep them reading. He uses real examples, two of which ended up in the Harvard Business Review.

For content to be truly compelling, it must offer a new and better way of doing things. But sometimes aspiring thought leaders take shortcuts to novelty, for instance by speculating about what might be. Far better to be authentic and underpin a prescription with examples that have been proven to work,  as Tim Parker explains.
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FMG Leading is a human capital strategy firm that has been working with us since early 2016 to market its expertise. FMG Leading's head of marketing and sales, Steve Cokkinias, explains in this interview  how his firm has used thought leadership (including a Harvard Business Review article) to get on the map of its target audiences and boost demand for its services.

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