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We've opened our second AgTech showroom/warehouse to increase stock and provide a quicker turnaround on larger items!

If you're at Beef 2021 in Rockhampton next month we'll see you there.

We've been providing you trusted advice and guidance on every brand of tag and we're now your first place to ask for Ag Tech assistance. We now offer tag readers, weigh scales/data collectors and auto treatments (dosing, injecting, drenching) plus electric fencing and more

This month we're focusing on Electronic (EID/RFID) eartags and how they provide the ability to link ID with weight and treatment in an automated way. Simple, effective solutions whether tagging for NLIS or management purposes.

Whatever you need; EID Sheeptags, Cattletags, Auto Dosing/Injecting/Drenching and Weighscale/reader integration we have the solution. We deliver Nationally, offer a price match guarantee and fast service. Check out the options below, call us, livechat or visit


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What's New? The Very Latest 4 AgTech.....
Tru Test JR5000 Weigh/EID Indicator
Brand New to the Australian market, the JR5000 weigh scale is for use by small to medium producers who need to manage individual animals by weight and weight gain as well as stock agents to easily maintain their records.

Load bars and all accessories.

In Stock Now!
Te Pari Precision Dosing Guns
Inject, Dose, Drench and record on your indicator.
The Electronic Dosing Gun system that will redefine animal treatment.
Just like the cordless drill hit the building industry by storm, the battery powered Te Pari Dosing Gun is set to do the same.
Works with Gallagher, Tru-Test & Te Pari Scale Indicators.
Gallagher W0 Weigh/EID Indicator
Your Weigh In – Entry level weigh scale.
The perfect entry level weigh scale to start measuring your livestock performance.
Monitor livestock weights to gain insights into how your stock are performing.

Load bars and all accessories.

In Stock Now!
Speedrite 6300RS Fence Energizer
Provides a clean, powerful pulse that maximises the energy that travels down the fence line.

Using a Speedrite fence remote (with remote capable Speedrite energizers) enables you to switch the energizer on or off from anywhere along the fence line. 

In Stock Now!
Te Pari T30 with Integrated EID Tag Controller/Reader
Banish data transfer and make life simple with a single waterproof, multi-function, fast Te Pari T30 Scale System.

The E-Series scale adds a built in EID reader control unit into the same plastic case.

Works with Smartphone and tablet App.
Gallagher MBS1800 Fence Energizer
This Multi Powered i Series Energizer range has all the smarts of the i Series system with the the ability to power your energizer your way - Mains, battery or solar.
This energizer provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately.

In Stock Now!
Allflex Sheep tag Focus - NLIS/Management
Allflex SuperFlex
Fast Application in strips of 20. Flexible material with a strong reinforced pin

Available as an NLIS or Management tag.

Suits RapidMatic & Rapid Taggers.
Allflex RapIDTag
As an NLIS or Management Tag. This EID tag helps automate sheep handling.
Fast Application in strips of 20. Flexible material with a strong reinforced pin.
Suits RapidMatic & Rapid Taggers.
Allflex Flocktag
Durable hard plastic with laza marking available on both sides.
The trusted durable system for many years.
Supplied in 25's and available as an NLIS or Management Tag.

Suits Blue Flock Tagger
Allflex Mini 2 Piece Sheep & Goat Tag
Designed to provide visibility and flexibility. Large numbers can be laza marked.
Available for management or NLIS purposes.

Suits Universal (Red) or Identiplier (Green) applicators.
Allflex Flexitag
Quick and simple application in strips of 25. Durable and light with laza marking available both sides.
Supplied as NLIS or Management tag.

Suits Universal (Red) or Identiplier (Green) applicators.
Allflex Lightweight 2 Piece EID Tag
Available as a tamperproof NLIS tag or reusable management EID Tag. Ideal for effective automation of breeder handling.

Suits Universal (Red) or Identiplier (Green) applicators.
Leader Sheep tag Focus - NLIS/Management
Leader Multitronic EID Tag
This one piece EID Tag is a high quality low cost solution for both management and NLIS applications.

Suits Multi 3 in 1 Applicator.
Leader MultiPin EID
The new multipin EID Tag from leader has a specially shaped pin and larger printing area.
Ideal for breeding operations and automated handling.

Suits Multi 3 in 1 Applicator.
Original Leadertag
Available in Jumbo or Standard size with Hot Foil or Laser printing. Both NLIS and This traditional favourite is supplied in both Management and NLIS versions.
Suits Leadermatic & Standard Applicators.
ZeeTag Sheep tag Focus - NLIS/Management
Zeetag TagFaster Tags
The easy to apply automatic tag. Supplied in strips of 20 and available as visual or EID Tags.
NLIS or management solutions.

Suits the TagFaster Applicator
Zeetag FET Tags
Available as either visual or as an EID Tag.

Fast, simple and easy to use as a low cost EID solution.

Suits the FET Tagger
Zeetag PAZ Tags
PAZ pump action tags are supplied in strips of 10 for faster loading.

Available in NLS and Management versions.

Suits the PAZ pump action applicator.
NLIS Cattletag Focus
FOFIA Generic
Buy 100 get 25 Free!
That familiar design is the FOFIA generic NLIS tag.
High quality and exceptional performance.

Now Great Value!

Our exclusive offer gives you 25 tags FREE with every 100 ordered.

Suits Fofia Universal and most similar Applicators
NEW Improved
Leader Envirotag
The NEW Envirotag is NLIS accredited and performs better than ever.

Easy to apply with the new snap action applicator. An ideal solution for large operations.

Suits the Std Deluxe and Snap Action Two Piece Applicators.
Allflex, The Trusted Market Leader
Quality and reliability is never under estimated.
Available in tray packs with matching visual tags or tissue sampling units.

Every option and NLIS accredited since the beginning.

Suits Universal, Identiplier and Ultra-Matic Alfllex Applicators.
Also of interest.....
Enduro Twin Pin NLIS Tag
With a unique "Double Pin" attachment system and an NLIS device specifically designed for rugged Australian conditions.

It's Australian made applicator is large, durable and easy to use on even the thickest of ears.
mOOvement GPS Tags $43.00
Get Started with 25 GPS tags, know where your animals are and monitor water levels.

Order today and get started in 2 weeks time with the very latest technology.

Allflex/Neogen TSU's Pre-Paid
Tissue sampling units in matched tray packing and now with Neogen Genomics testing pre-paid. Save time and money.

Available with or without testing and in tray packs.

Bayer Insecticide Cattle Tags. Buffalo Fly Control
All Bayer Fly tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.

Everything you need for the fly control.
Ask about our price match guarantee.

Y-Tex Tick, Fly & Lice Control. Tags & Wipes
All Y-Tex tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.

Everything you need for fly, tick & lice control on cattle & horses.

Special Tags!
Print anything on any size and colour tag.

We can help with artwork and logo's. Tags for B&S, Branding, Special events, Promotions or just for fun.

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