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When reporting events through the DairyTrace Portal or Mobile App, it’s a best practice to enter sex and breed of animals. Why?

Entering this information provides complete data about your animals if needed in the future and is easy to complete at time of tag activation. *If you report through an on-farm software, this information is already reported on your behalf.

Including the sex and breed of calves at birth will make it easier to sort and manage your herd list. For breed options, there are options to choose the dairy breed or indicate if it is a beef cross (dairy x beef).

Additionally, having more complete data about your animals may open the door for value-added opportunities for farmers in the future.  

Did you Know

You can set your breed preferences in the DairyTrace portal

This will shorten the list of breeds to show only your preferred options when entering events.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to the DairyTrace portal, select the Account tab, then go to Settings in the dropdown menu. 
  • Then from the breed list, select only the breeds that you would like to have as options when reporting events. You can do the same thing for sex.
  • Next, click Save.

  • Now when you report events, your choices will be reflected to only show the breeds you’ve selected in the dropdown menu which may help you report faster. 

  • Note: At this time, sex or breed preference selections do not transfer over to the DairyTrace app. 

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