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How to find your proAction validation report

The proAction traceability module is easily validated by generating a DairyTrace proAction report in your DairyTrace account. The report shows all event activity in chronological order including tag information, reporting date, event date, and the number of days between these two dates. 

Here's how to generate your report:

Step 1: Sign into your DairyTrace account (https://portal.dairytrace.ca).

Step 2: From the welcome page, select DairyTrace proAction® Report.

Step 3: Generate a report:

  1. The Reference date will generate as of the current date and shows all activity for the year prior. There is no override on this date.
  2. Click Download to generate your report as a PDF, which you can then save to your computer or print it to have it available during your validation. 

View from 1:54 - 5:03 of the video for a full explanation of the report.

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