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Require age verification for your animals reported in DairyTrace?

Every DairyTrace user can generate birthdate certificates for their animals reported in DairyTrace. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your DairyTrace account and from the Account menu tab, click Birthdate Certificate, then click Create.
  2. Select the Premise ID where the animal(s) are currently located.
  3. Enter the animal’s 15-digit tag number and select the blue arrow to add the number to the certificate table. Click Save for an individual certificate or continue to enter more tag numbers.
  4. In the new table that appears, find the desired tag number and under the column Actions, select the PDF icon. Print and sign the Birthdate Certificate(s).  

Refer to this factsheet for more information

Tips for Birthdate Certificates

Valid birthdate information is considered to be a Certificate of Registry from a breed association, or a birthdate certificate generated for non-registered animals through CCIA or DairyTrace. For registered animals with a breed association, the Certificate of Registry is the preferred document.

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